The Hungarian Government will increase the personnel of the police by three thousand in the interest of reinforcing the policing of the borders, Bence Tuzson, State Secretary for Government Communication announced at his press conference held during the break of the cabinet meeting.

According to the State Secretary’s information, they will increase the personnel of border policing companies, and the Interior Minister has been charged with the organisation of recruitment and training within the shortest possible time. Further information regarding the details will be provided next week.

The Government justifies this measure based on the assumption that illegal immigration and the pressure of migration weighing on the southern border will remain long-term.

Mr Tuzson said in answer to a question concerning the border guards that, based on their assessment, the police can be better supervised and controlled within a single organisation, and joint management will therefore remain.

The State Secretary was also queried about reports to the effect that German members of the European Parliament urged the withdrawal of EU grants from the Member States which, in their view, do not manifest solidarity in the EU’s immigration policy. He said in reply: Hungary firmly rejects all such proposals as these issues cannot be connected together.

The fact that a country is eligible for EU funds is not some favor, but it is something that it must receive because it is a member of the EU and is making a contribution, he pointed out, mentioning as an example the opening of the markets. He described the initiative as hypocritical, negative and harmful, stressing: illegal immigration must be stopped, rather than slowed down or presented as the basis of some “false solidarity”.

In answer to a question regarding the campaign expenditures of the 2 October quota referendum, he said that this question can be answered precisely at the end of the relevant settlement period, and that there is a framework agreement in force with respect to the information campaign.

Mr Tuzson argued in favor of the continuation of this campaign by saying that the fundamental goal is to make clear to everyone that we must say no to Brussels’ proposals at this referendum, and that Hungary does not want forced settlement.

[Source: Government of Hungary/Cabinet Office of the Prime Minister-Media Relations-(MTI)]
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