Hungary – Hungarian Foreign Minister Stressed That There Is A Greater Need Than Ever To Defend Europe’s External Border

“Migration is approaching its most dangerous stage ever”, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Péter Szijjártó declared on Tuesday in Palermo, Italy.

Mounted policemen at Hungary-Serbia border barrier

The Minister is attending a conference of the Mediterranean Partnership of the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE), which in addition to the organisation’s 57 member states is also being attended by representatives from Israel, Jordan, Morocco, Algeria, Egypt and Tunisia, and at which the main item on the agenda is migrations.

“There is no dispute with regard to the fact that migration represents the most serious challenge since the establishment of the European Union, and it is also clear that no joint and effective solution has been found to this so far; the solutions put forward by the Brussels bureaucrats have so far proven to be ineffective”, the Minister underlined.

Photo: Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade

“The approach that attempts to portray the migration crisis as something positive is simply attempting to paint a false picture of reality. Hungary’s standpoint continued to be that we must not ignore the fact that illegal immigration has brought with it a major security risk”, Mr. Szijjártó declared, highlighting the fact that during the past two and a half years 27 terror attacks have claimed 300 lives and injured over 1300 people in Europe.

“But now, migration is approaching its most dangerous stage ever”, Mr. Szijjártó underlined, pointing out that the international coalition to combat the Islamic State terrorist organisation had achieved outstanding successes, 87 parent of the territories previously controlled by the terrorists have been liberated, 90 percent of the terrorist organisation’s oil revenues have been drained, and the number of so-called foreign fighters joining the jihadists has been reduced from 1500-2000-a-month to practically zero.

“And this means that the terrorists are angry and desperate”, because they have lost huge areas of land, have lost their opportunity to fight, and are being forced to flee”, the Minister emphasised.

“There is only one thing worse than a terrorist: an angry and desperate terrorist”, Mr. Szijjártó added, pointing out that since they are being forced to flee large numbers of terrorists will be attempting to exploit the wave of illegal immigration to enter Europe.

 Photo: Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade

The Hungarian Foreign Minister stressed that there is a greater need than ever to defend Europe’s external borders, and if this is not successful then “what remains of Europe’s security could also collapse”. The Minister cited as an example the fact that so far this year some 900 procedures have been launched with relating to suspicion of terrorism in Germany, while last year there were only 250 such cases, and only 68 in 2013.

“It is time to do away with hypocrisy ad political correctness and for Europe to finally do something in the interests of restoring European security and the safety of the European people, and this is only possible through effective border protection”, Mr. Szijjártó highlighted.

[Source: Government of Hungary  (MTI) -/- Media Relations]
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