At a press conference on Saturday, György Bakondi announced that Hungary will be appealing the recent, preliminary ruling by the European Court of Human Rights, according to which two asylum-seekers from Bangladesh were unlawfully detained in a transit zone on the southern border in 2015 and then expelled.

Photo: Gergely Botár/

According to Mr. Bakondi, Hungary also acted in full accordance with the law when deciding on these asylum requests, and the expulsion occurred only after the Hungarian authorities were fully satisfied that Serbia was a safe third country.

The Chief Security Advisor highlighted the fact that the two Bangladeshi complainants were represented by the same Helsinki Commission that “in all of its manifestations acts as an organisation that supports migrants” and participates in every possible forum to attack Hungary’s migration policy.

Mr. Bakondi characterised the fact that on 13 March this year the “communists and the greens” called on the European Commission to examine Hungary’s legal border closure, and the fact that the Greek and Bulgarian EU Commissioners had threatened Hungary with the withdrawal of EU funding if it didn’t change its migration policy, as examples of such attacks.

The Chief Security Advisor to the Prime Minister also told the press that the authorities are still looking for the 18 year old Moroccan and 22 year old Algerian men who escaped from guarded accommodation in Kiskunhalas on the afternoon of 16 March as part of what is thought to be a coordinated, attempted group escape.

Photo: Gergely Botár/

Mr. Bakondi reported on the fact that 7204 people has attempted to cross the southern border illegally so far this year, 4472 of whom were successfully intercepted and 2740 were prevented from crossing the border.

He also told the press that the Hungarian authorities had received 1134 requests for asylum so far this year, following 30 thousand last year. 2017 people have been granted international protection so far in 2017, while 13 people were granted asylum, 36 subsidiary protection and 5 admitted status.

[Source: Government of Hungary (MTI) -/-  Media Relations]