“Over 300 thousand citizens have already sent in their responses to the national consultation on immigration, while one-third of citizens have not yet received the questionnaire”, said Government Spokesperson Mr Zoltán Kovács at a press conference held in Budapest, indicating that evaluation will begin after the deadline for sending back the questionnaire expires.

The Government Spokesperson said that the objective of the information campaign somewhat causing a “stir” in the past few days is for as many people possible to take part in the national consultation, the billboard of which is a stance for Hungarian public opinion and people that wish to illegally enter the country on what the government’s position is in these issues.

“This position and message was worded in a manner to be clear and understandable for everyone and we are absolutely sure that Hungarians will understand it and positively certain that the message will reach illegal migrants often smuggled into the country in an organised fashion, as well as the people smugglers that organize their transit”, announced Mr Zoltán Kovács.

The Government Spokesperson referred to how he does not wish to reflect upon “the hatred incited against the government in connection with the campaign by some press” and drew the attention of the “much criticizing” opposition that “it would perhaps be better to sort out which of the three statements or positions they disagree with”.

Mr Kovács also said that the total cost of the campaign continuing until the end of June on print and electronic platforms amounts to HUF 300 million.