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Hundreds of “Illegal Migrants” Trying To Breach Hungary’s Border Fences

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Hungary is in a battle to maintain its’ sovereignty.
Illegal migrants still trying to breach the new border fence perimeters.





Every day hundreds of people attempt to cross Hungary’s southern borders illegally

György Bakondi, Hungary’s Chief Security Advisor to the Prime Minister, has told public broadcaster Kossuth Rádió that due to the clearance of the refugee camp in Idomeni last week, the migration pressure on the Hungarian-Serbian border is continuously increasing: every day, 100–150 people are attempting to enter the territory of Hungary by damaging the physical border barrier, and another 700–900 are being deterred by the presence of border protection officers.

There are currently 200–250 migrants on Serbian territory waiting outside the transit areas in Röszke and Tompa, Mr. Bakondi said.

He also pointed out that a border fence is also being constructed in the area of Ásotthalom, where until now – due to the difficult terrain – there has only been a rapidly installed razor wire barrier.

In response to a statement by UNHCR Head of Mission in Serbia Hans Friedrich Schodder, in which he called on the Serbian and Hungarian authorities to stabilise the situation of migrants waiting along the border between Horgos and Röszke, the Chief Security Advisor said that the Government of Hungary has decided to provide further assistance to Hungarian charity organisations active in the area.

{Source: Government of Hungary-Media Relations (MTI)]

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