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Historical Cinema? – The Blockbuster “Dunkirk”, Where Is The Inclusion Of 120,000 French Soldiers? 40,000 Gave The Ultimate Sacrifice

The British Army in the UK- Evacuation From Dunkirk, May-June 1940 H1640
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Christopher Nolan’s acclaimed portrayal of the British army’s miraculous escape in 1940 has been criticised in France for ignoring the French army’s heroic last stand that made it possible – a swansong postwar France was all too eager to forget. In one of the opening scenes of “Dunkirk”, a fleeing British soldier, terrified and haggard, is…


“There Is Nothing New In The World Except The History You Do Not Know” – Harry S. Truman

Nota Bene – Quick Facts

BATTLE STATISTICS  “From The Guardian”

Number of British soldiers evacuated in course of Operation Dynamo: about 185,000

Number of French soldiers evacuated during Operation Dynamo: about 121,000

Additional British and French wounded evacuated: about 7,000

Number of destroyers put out of action during Operation Dynamo: 25

Total number of ships put out of action during Operation Dynamo: at least 170

Total of soldiers evacuated: at least 315,000

British casualties during fighting in France and Belgium: about 66,000

French casualties: approaching 300,000

Belgian casualties: about 23,000

Dutch casualties: about 10,000

German casualties: about 155,000

Number of British planes lost during fighting in France and Belgium: about 930 including about 475 fighters

More Information On Operation Dynamo – Article By The Guardian:


The British Evacuation From Dunkirk in 1940 HU2286
Dunkirk - panoramio (1)



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