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Hawaii Visitor Volume Has Increased Over The Last Nineteen Months

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Hawaii Visitor Arrivals Set New Record for Month of August;
Extends Streak to 19 Consecutive Months of Growth in Arrivals







Visitor Expenditures Gained 5.1 Percent to $1.3 Billion

HONOLULU –  A total of 780,723 visitors came to the Hawaiian Islands in August 2016, the most ever recorded for the month of August, according to preliminary statistics released today by the Hawaii Tourism Authority (HTA). This represented an increase of 3.1 percent from last August and also extended Hawaii’s streak to 19 consecutive months of year-over-year growth in arrivals, dating back to February 2015. Total visitor days[1] increased by 2.3 percent. 

There were 778,840 visitors who arrived on airlines (+2.8%) in August 2016, while 1,883 visitors came to Hawaii via cruise ship. Arrivals by air rose from U.S. West (+4.8% to 329,951), U.S. East (+2.8% to 149,705) and All Other International Markets (+2.5% to 118,864), while Japan (-0.4% to 152,438) and Canada (-0.4% to 27,881) reported no growth in arrivals compared to August 2015. 

While visitor volumes have increased over the last 19 months, total visitor expenditures have seen gains and losses largely due to fluctuations in daily visitors spending. In August 2016, total visitor expenditures[2] rose (+5.2% to $1.3 billion), the third straight month of increases. Visitor spending rose from U.S. West (+7.1% to $482.8 million), U.S. East (+6.6% to $294 million), Japan (+2% to $211.5 million), and from All Other International Markets (+3.9% to $274.9 million), while spending by visitors from Canada ($48 million) was unchanged from August 2015.
In August 2016, the statewide average daily spending of $192 per person was higher (+2.9%) compared to a year ago. Visitors spent more on a daily basis from U.S. West (+3.4%), U.S. East (+5.4%), Japan (+4.8%), and Canada (+4.7%), while visitors from All Other International Markets spent less (-2.5%).

In August 2016, visitor arrivals to Oahu increased (+1.8%) but visitor expenditure growth was similar (+0.5%) to a year ago. The island of Hawaii recorded increases in both arrivals (+2.5%) and expenditures (+7.9%), as did Maui with gains in arrivals (+5.3%) and expenditures (+8%). While arrivals to Kauai rose slightly (+0.9%), there was a substantial gain in expenditures (+13.2%) compared to August 2015.

Total air capacity to the Hawaiian Islands decreased (-1.3% to 1,061,887 seats) compared to August 2015. Growth in scheduled seats from Oceania (+3.6%) and U.S. West (+2%) were offset by declines from Japan (-11.6%), U.S. East (-5.6%), Canada (-2.9%) and Other Asia (-1%).

Year-to-Date 2016
Through the first eight months of 2016, total visitor arrivals (+2.6% to 6,031,940) and visitor expenditures (+3% to $10.4 billion) surpassed the same period last year. Year-to-date arrivals increased from U.S. West (+4.2%), U.S. East (+2.2%), Japan (+0.6%), and All Other International markets (+6.4%), but declined from Canada (-9.2%) compared to 2015.Year-to-date through August 2016, there were gains in visitor expenditures from U.S. West (+5.7% to $3.8 billion), U.S. East (+3.7% to $2.7 billion), and All Other International markets (+5.6% to $2 billion), no growth from Japan (-0.2% to $1.3 billion) and a decrease in spending by visitors from Canada (-14.1% to $650.5 million).

Through August 2016, visitor arrivals increased for Maui (+3%) and Oahu (+1.9%) while growth for the island of Hawaii (+0.4%) and Kauai (-0.3%) remained flat compared to last year.

Visitor expenditures year-to-date increased for Maui (+8.2% to $3 billion), the island of Hawaii (+8.5% to $1.4 billion), and Kauai (+6.3% to $1.1 billion), but declined for Oahu (-2.7% to $4.8 billion).

[1] Aggregate number of days stayed by all visitors.
[2] Expenditure data for January-July 2016 were revised.

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[Source: Hawaii Tourism Authority-Media Relations]
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