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Hawaii Tourism Authority Posts Statistics For April 2015

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Hawaii Tourism Statistics for April 2015



HONOLULU – Total visitor arrivals to the Hawaiian Islands in April 2015 increased 2.3 percent to 677,754 visitors, according to preliminary statistics released by the Hawaii Tourism Authority.

Arrivals by air grew 4.1 percent to 665,393 visitors, offsetting a 46.6 percent decline in arrivals by cruise ships.

Total visitor days were up 2.1 percent compared to April 2014.

Combined with higher average daily spending (+3.2% to $196 per person), total visitor expenditures rose 5.4 percent to $1.2 billion

For the U.S. West, arrivals by air increased 7.7 percent to 295,683 visitors, and contributed to a 6.7 percent growth in visitor expenditures to $424.2 million. Daily spending was $162 per person (+0.5%). U.S. East arrivals grew 3.6 percent to 133,509 visitors and the average daily spending was $195 per person (-0.5%).

U.S. East visitor expenditures increased 2.6 percent to $248.5 million.

After four previous months of declines, Japanese arrivals rose 1.9 percent to 98,240 visitors in April 2015. However, lower daily spending (-11.2% to $242 per person) led to a 10.5 percent decrease in visitor expenditures to $136.2 million.

At the top of the slow season, Canadian arrivals declined 8.3 percent to 45,422 visitors, which resulted in a 7.1 percent drop in visitor expenditures to $88.1 million.

Arrivals from All Other markets rose 2.9 percent to 92,538 visitors. Combined expenditures from All Other visitors were $256.8 million, 26.5 percent higher than last April.

Visitors days increased on O‘ahu (+4.8%), Maui (+2.5%) and Hawai‘i Island (+4.3%) and was relatively unchanged for Kaua‘i (+0.2%) compared to April 2014.

There were 978,585 total air seats to Hawai‘i in April 2015, up 8.9 percent from a year ago. Growth in scheduled seats from U.S. West (+14.7%), Oceania (+14%), U.S. East (+12.8%) and Canada (+12.5%) offset fewer seats from Other Asia (-11.7%) and Japan (-7.7%).

Year-to-Date 2015:

For the first four months of 2015, total arrivals (by air and by cruise ships) increased 2.9 percent to 2,798,427 visitors. Total visitor expenditures of $5 billion were similar to year-to-date 2014. Total visitor expenditures increased on Kaua‘i (+6.2%) and Maui (+5.4%), but declined on Hawai‘i Island (-8.3%) and O‘ahu (-1.8%).



1 Aggregate number of days stayed by all visitors.

2 Total visitor expenditure statistics presented in this press release are not adjusted for inflation (nominal dollars)

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