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Germany’s Innovative Concepts Is An Essential Ingredient For Their High-Tech Strategy

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Open Eyes opinion {source: DEgov}

Germany – 26 May 2015

Vision on the road

Electric vehicles reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and protect our environment.The development of innovative concepts is therefore an essential aspect of the task for the future “Intelligent Mobility” the high-tech strategy of the Federal Government.

Visio.M (BS4) as unpainted "Erl King" on the BMW test track in Ascheim

The “Visio.M” – Photo: Andreas Heddergott / TUM

One million electric cars on German roads by 2020, today hard to imagine. Even the pure electric vehicles are very expensive, by the batteries quite heavy and have only a short range. In addition, it takes a long time until the battery is recharged. The automobile companies fiddle, but the big breakthrough is made.

University Research

Visio.M interior - efficient two-seater custom-fit for the Mobilitaetsanforderungen in an urban environment

Comfortable for two people – Photo: Florian Lehmann

In this situation, have a few years ago researchers at the Technical University of Munich with 14 industry partners including BMW and Daimler, have joined forces to realize their vision: the “Visio.M”.

In a few years with federal funding of some ten million euros a prototype of a low-cost, thereby driving compatible electric vehicle is ready. When G7 summit of heads of state of the major industrial nations, it is presented to the world public.

14 chairs from various TU sectors were involved to build an extremely lightweight electric vehicle that is inexpensive to produce. Mark of 535 kg heavy car is a lightweight body, a special transmission, a powerful battery and many other components.

It is particularly streamlined and therefore needs only a small electric motor and a relatively small battery. Nevertheless, a charge the battery for 140 bis 160 km ranges. Charging at a normal socket takes three to four hours.

Small but safe

Even if the car looks small and fragile, corresponds to the safety of much larger cars. Especially when colliding with heavier vehicles the small car its occupants must provide a safe survival space despite lower external dimensions. In Visio.M this is formed by a rigid passenger cell, which consists of using carbon fiber reinforced plastic. As a front and rear crumple zones are high-strength aluminum profiles. All crash tests has passed the vehicle.

Since the passenger compartment does not deform on impact, the researchers found a whole new way to protect the occupants. How to Spot a sophisticated camera and radar system before impact, the danger and activates the occupant protection systems. These are not just air bags and seat belts tighten, but also an automatic shifting of seats away from the vulnerable outside.

The latest electronics

But not only in the accident is a high performance electronics in use. The whole car is like a computer that has a cloud exchanges data and analyzes. With current services from the cloud to traffic flow, topography and weather conditions, for example, calculates the most energy-efficient route, the remaining range can be accurately determined and loading operations are coordinated with the driver’s needs.

To ensure the return journey, the navigation could be based directly on free charging stations and this book also directly for the estimated time of arrival. Charging can with the Smartphone to be monitored and controlled remotely. Finally, the private music collection in the cloud saved.

Driving pleasure and comfort

For optimal use of heat energy is taken care of and therefore with a very efficient heating. Overall, therefore, is provided for driving pleasure and comfort, of which Federal Minister Johanna Wanka has already convinced. “When you’re at the wheel of” Visio.M “sitting, electromobility is palpable,” she told the magazine Auto Motor Sport. “The economy of this vehicle convinces me. And when you realize just how rapidly the mobility developed, especially in the urban environment, I see an increasing demand for environmentally friendly and suitable for everyday use of locomotion.”

Whether the “Visio.M” actually comes at a major automaker in the series production, is open.After all, the Munich researchers have developed so many innovative components that the findings will advance the development of affordable electric vehicles.


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