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Germany Is Attempting To Stem The Flow Of Syrian Immigrants By Donating Funds For Support

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Assistance for Jordan, Turkey and Northern Iraq

The German government is stepping up its support for Syrian and Iraqi refugees in Syria’s neighboring countries.

The Chancellor will be explaining the approach at a donor conference on 4 February, at which she will also be calling for pledges of additional assistance. Federal Development Minister Gerd Müller has presented an assistance program during a trip to the region.

On 4 February Germany, the United Kingdom, Norway, Kuwait and the United Nations are hosting the international donor conference “Supporting Syria and the Region”, which is to be held in London. Chancellor Angela Merkel will be calling on the international community to provide more support for Syrian refugees.

The “Cash-for-Work” investment and structural program, which Federal Development Minister Gerd Müller is currently presenting as part of his visit to Jordan, Turkey and Iraq, is to create about 500,000 jobs for Syrian refugees in the region.

Investment program creates prospects of a better life

The “Cash-for-Work” program is intended to create jobs and specifically encourage the start-up of businesses and skilled crafts enterprises. In the education and training sector, the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development is devising programs, some in cooperation with the German-Jordan University in Amman. The aim is to give refugees the chance to earn a living for themselves and their families, thus creating prospects for them to stay in the region.

“Investments in infrastructure, including the construction of accommodation, schools and community centers, can create jobs for tens of thousands of refugees and local people,” explained Gerd Müller during his trip. “Only a sort of Marshall Plan like this will allow us to master the refugee crisis and rebuild Syria once the war is over,” he added.

Children and young people need a future

Access to education for Syrian refugee children will be a special focus of the German government at next week’s conference in London. The Federal Development Minister stressed in this context, “Children and young people need a future. Every euro that we invest in the region has an impact that is many times greater. Investing in the countries that have taken in the vast majority of Syrian refugees is thus also an investment in our future. When people see a chance of creating genuine prospects and a better future in the region, they will not set off for Europe.”

A total of 1.3 billion euros already provided for victims of Syrian crisis

Since the conflict erupted, the German government has already provided more than 1.3 billion euros to support Syrian refugees. It has taken the form of both immediate humanitarian aid and longer-term structural activities. In Jordan, for instance, 130,000 refugee children can now attend school thanks to German assistance, as can another 200,000 in Turkey. In northern Iraq, winter-proof accommodation and health centers to serve over 90,000 people have been built in the province of Dohuk over the last few months.

{Source: The Federal Government of Germany}

[photo credits-featured image– Syrian refugees in Jordan – By U.S. Department of State [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons]


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