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Germany Extends Troop Deployment In Afghanistan

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Open Eyes Opinion {source: DEgov}


Mandate for Afghanistan extended






German troops will continue to be deployed in Afghanistan. The German government has extended the current mandate until 31 December 2016 and raised the ceiling on troops to 980. The decision must still be approved by the German Bundestag.

Almost one year ago, the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) mission in Afghanistan ended. It was replaced by the NATO-led training mission Operation Resolute Support. It is advising, supporting and training Afghan security forces.

Responsible for their own country

The Afghan security forces have demonstrated that they are basically able to ensure security themselves in their own country, although there have been setbacks, as demonstrated by the temporary capture of the town of Kunduz by the Taliban.

This is why it is essential to continue support for the Afghan security forces, to make good existing deficits. Anti-government forces must not be allowed to become stronger and there must be no safe havens for terrorist groups.

The ceiling on troops for the new mandate will be raised to 980; the mandate will run until 31 December 2016.

Civilian and military assistance

By extending the mandate, the German government is sending a clear signal to the Afghan government and the Afghan people. Germany will not abandon Afghanistan in the current difficult situation.

The training mission is part of the extensive support extended by the German government to Afghanistan. In the coming year, development aid worth 250 million euros will be made available, with a focus on five priority areas: good governance, sustainable economic development and employment, energy, drinking water supply and sanitation, and basic education and vocational training.

A further 180 million euros will be provided for civilian reconstruction, while the Afghan national security forces will receive support to the tune of 150 million euros.

Continuing the reform process

In return for the German support, the German government expects the Afghan government to pursue the reforms already launched with greater vigor than has hitherto been the case. Afghanistan is to meet its commitments to the international community, including progress on fighting corruption, improving the human rights situation, enhancing transparency in governance and regional cooperation.

The aim is to continue to support Afghanistan on the road to achieving independent and lasting stability. The Afghan people are to be given genuine political and economic prospects in their own country. The more progress is made, the more Afghans will plan their future in their own country.

Fighting the causes of migration

Good governance, security and real prospects of economic and social development are key to a better future for all Afghans. They are also the best way to effectively counter the factors that cause people in Afghanistan to flee their homes.


[photo credits-featured image: By ISAF Headquarters Public Affairs Office (originally posted to Flickr as 090722-N-1175T-090) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons]


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