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Germany Awards Eight Citizens With The ‘Integration Medal’

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Open Eyes Opinion {source: DEgov}



Minister of State Özoguz distinguished citizens from the integration Medal




The Federal Government Commissioner for Migration, Refugees and Integration, Minister of State Aydan Özoğuz stands today eight citizens with the Integration medal (Wednesday, October 14).

Honors men and women who are committed to civil society in the field of health and care for migrant people.

For this purpose, explained Minister of State Aydan Özoğuz

“I am delighted that we are with the integration medal eight citizens honor today, campaigning for years for migrant people and refugees. Long before the refugee crisis received this momentum they have built up with their persistent commitment to health and care structures, from which we benefit today.

Some of them are working at the forefront in the initial reception of traumatized refugees, others in the care of people with a migrant background living in Germany for decades.

For a forward-looking policy of integration health and physical well-being are key issues to which we must take care over the long haul migrants. Therefore I have made health care and in the immigrant community  my Priority this year 2015.

The winners take their commitment to ensure that all people get equal access to the health system in our society. 

By awarding the medal Integration Minister honors Aydan Özoğuz volunteers and paid staff who look after among other volunteers. Özoguz had asked the factions of the German Parliament to propose them people who are distinguished by a special commitment.

The eight award winners:

  • Ms. Sevgi Bozdağ (Berlin) is a civil engineer and manages the volunteer association “interactive eV”. Here she takes care of people with disabilities and chronic diseases, mostly from families with a migrant background.
  • Dr. Osman Mahmalat (Hagen) is a radiologist and treated in his practice volunteer refugees from Syria. He is an important partner for local bodies and authorities when it comes to the health care of refugees.
  • Mrs Marina Baldin (Duisburg) serves as honorary coordinator full time a volunteer group in the multicultural senior center “Haus am Sandberg”. The care in the senior center is culturally sensitive: in the care especially cultural peculiarities into account.
  • Mr Manfred Makowitzki (Ulm) is the organizational head of the “treatment center for torture victims”. In its center traumatized refugees are cared for and treated.
  • Inga Marie Sponheuer (Essen) is a pediatric nurse and works as a volunteer for the “Medical Aid for refugees” in Bochum and also initiates theater projects about escape.
  • Mr. Avni Ayyıldız (Berlin) is socio-educational employees “miGesgGmbH” and works with people with intellectual disabilities, mentally ill and drug-dependent. Many of them have an immigrant background.
  • Mr Arif Ünal (Cologne) passes the “health center for migrants”, supports the migrant people in the health and psychosocial care.
  • Mr Markus Göpfert (Mayen) is a social worker and works full-time in the psychosocial center “Terra”. Here refugees will include advice to the asylum procedure and treated traumatized refugees and victims of torture.


[photo credits-featured image: “Berlin reichstag west panorama 2” by Mfield, Matthew Field,; edit by Waugsberg (rotation 0,4°) – Own work. Licensed under GFDL 1.2 via Wikimedia Commons –]


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