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Europe’s Fractious Encounter With President Donald Trump

Softly Trolling Trump


After three terrible meetings, NATO in Brussels, the G7 in Taormina and the G20 in Hamburg, the EU is fed up with the America’s rude and stubborn president. So why has Emmanuel Macron invited Trump back? Meeting Trump in Paris, even for the 100th anniversary of the US army landing in France, could be seen by other European capitals as the first Macron faux-pas.

No one has seemed able to change Trump’s mind on the main issue obsessing the Old Continent: climate change.

Angela Merkel, who will also be in Paris tomorrow for a French-German summit, is not even bothering to stop by and have a cup of coffee with Trump.

But Macron won’t throw in the towel, particularly not on the first anniversary of his first ever political rally.

The plan is to focus on what works well between France and the United States: military cooperation on the ground and the fight against terror. But that’s not all.

As an Élysée Palace source highlighted: “Topics on which the presidents do not agree will be discussed, such as climate and trade.”

Salon Elysée 326

Macron has already said he would try again to convince Trump that the Paris Agreement is relevant.

But the programme planned for Trump tomorrow and Friday shows that the new French president is fast becoming an expert in the delicate art of trolling.

The presidents will first meet at the Invalides tomorrow afternoon, before having dinner with their wives in the Jules Vernes restaurant, in the Eiffel Tower.

“We want to show a postcard image of France,” the presidential source admitted.
Paris at night reflection

During the landmark COP21 climate conference, François Hollande took Barack Obama to the delicate Ambroisie restaurant.

But a mere tourist cliché seems to be good enough for Trump.

The Jules Vernes restaurant and its location is a tourist trap. And with a five-course lunch starting at €190, it in comes cheaper than many high-end Parisian restaurants.

At least it will satisfy the eternally fretting European Commission and its fears that France is spending too much.

And maybe a night-time view of the City of Lights will make the Paris Agreement more palatable for Trump.

[Source: By Aline Robert | -/- Media Relations]
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