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Ethnocentric Diversity is Dividing the Nation

Ethnocentric Diversity is Dividing the Nation

Recently I ran across an online article about a California High School contemplating discontinuing a mandatory geography class and replacing it with a Latino diversity course. The justification was that the Latino students felt disadvantaged and needed to feel validated. The article stated that the school was 98% Hispanic. Where is the logic?

I could not verify the validity of the article. However, diversity classes are now the latest politically correct rage and are in vogue. I suspect that federal funding/grants have something to do with it.

The article was picked up by several online newspapers. It evidently pushed some buttons,so I decided to monitor the comments for sentiment analysis. Lots of divided opinionated people out there.

My commentary started out as a short response to one of the email comments and ended up being my post today.

 Unfortunately, European Americans are being marginalized.

A disconcerting reality — but the “markers” are everywhere.

Demographics and social engineering of the youth, by misguided Ideologues, will make this irreversible.
It appears, since 2008 the proliferation of ethnocentrism in the United States has increased exponentially.

It is subtly being reinforced for political and personal gain.
This is not in the best interest of America and her citizens.

Racial polarization in our multicultural society is increasing.
False narratives about social injustice is creating a nation of whining
finger pointers — their thinking being diverted away from self accountability,
critical reasoning and independent thought.

It did not have to be this way — self serving politicians and race baiters
made it so.

I have been traveling internationally for 50 years.
Exploring new countries and cultures is an education in itself — it gives
a person a different perspective on life.

I have always embraced multiculturalism as the path to move forward
towards a planetary civilization.

However ,there are those misguided souls around the globe that are preventing that from becoming a reality.

I was fortunate to grow up with the opportunity to have close friends of many different ethnic backgrounds,skin colors, cultures, and religions. I suspect, the youth of today will not be able to have that enlightening experience.

Taking away something as basic as a geography class from the academic curriculum and replacing it with a diversity course that may end up propagating resentment is a travesty.

We should be creating a generation of “world wise” patriotic individuals
instead of students being exposed to subtle hate doctrines.

Why do we need geography courses?
I travel to Europe two or three times a year.
In casual conversations in the U.S. I mention Switzerland or Sweden.
Many times the adults I am speaking with do not know where those countries are located.
Many think they are the same country.

The children today burdened with ethnic courses and common core education standards is blatant generational theft.

Canada is somewhere across the ocean and 2×2 =5 (That’s OK Johnny — you gave it a good try — you can advance to the next grade)

Oh well, I guess it doesn’t matter when you have a leader that thinks we have 57 states.

Nota bene
This is an email response to the article (Name withheld) — it sums it up in a concise humorous paragraph.

[“Diversity-anything” in academia is code for “resentment studies,” meaning it is all about “Hating YT” and blaming him, if you are a diversity, for every single problem you encounter in life. “Diversity-is-our-strength” has a food chain based of minorities (preferred citizens) that ranks citizens according to how bad YT screwed them. Right now, the gays are in first place, which angers the bitter blacks who feel they should always be in first place. Coming in third, but gaining influence, are the illegal Mexicans, which angers the angry women in the feminist movement, who believe they are the premier victim in America. Glad to add some clarity to things. ]


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