Estonia’s Katrin Kivi To Chair Council Of Europe’s ‘Rapporteur Group On External Relations’

Estonia To Chair Council Of Europe’s Rapporteur Group On External Relations

Tallinn, Estonia

Today, 5th July 2017, the Committee of Ministers’ Deputies of the Council of Europe named Estonian Ambassador Katrin Kivi, the permanent representative of Estonia to the Council of Europe, as the chair of the organisation’s Rapporteur Group on External Relations.

Ambassador Kivi’s two years term as president of the rapporteur group will begin this September.

Katrin Kivi

Estonia’s goal is to be an active Council of Europe member state across the entire range of topics, and Kivi said it was positive that Estonia can fill a position involving such responsibility. In chairing the subsidiary group of external relations, Kivi said her aim will be to contribute to developing good relationships with other international organizations as well as with Council of Europe Observer States – the United States, Mexico, Canada and the Holy See – and Europe’s neighboring regions. “Estonia wishes to be as effective as possible in heading external relations at the Council of Europe.

In the world we live in, tensions are ever increasing, and the role and responsibility of multilateral organizations in tackling cross-border challenges is growing. We want to do all we can to strengthen the stability and the current convention system aimed at enshrining international law and mutual agreements,” said Kivi.

As chair of the Rapporteur Group on External Relations, one of Kivi’s first tasks will be to negotiate on the renewal of the Partnership programmes with the Council of Europe’s southern partner Tunisia, ensuring the compatibility and complementarity of similar initiatives by the Council of Europe and the European Union for strengthening democracy, human rights and the rule of law in Europe’s southern neighborhood. Likewise, the European Union, of which Estonia, as of a few days ago, holds the Presidency, will be working to renew its cooperation program with Tunisia this year.

In 2018, the Council of Europe plans to review its relations with the UN. Each spring and autumn, the Council of Europe holds coordination meetings with the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE), on the topics of the fight against terrorism, fight against trafficking in human beings and protection of national minorities.

The Council of Europe has seven rapporteur groups – external relations, democracy, legal cooperation, human rights, social and health, culture and education, and budget.

Also today, the new chair of the Council of Europe Rapporteur Group on Human Rights was named; Irish Ambassador Keith McBean will hold this post.

Estonia has been a member of the Council of Europe since 14 May 1993.

Katrin Kivi has served in her role as permanent representative since August 2015. Estonia held the Chairmanship of the Council of Europe from May to November 2016, with Kivi chairing the Committee of Ministers’ Deputies during that time.

[Source: Republic of Estonia (Ministry for Foreign Affairs) -/- Media Relations]
[Photo Credits Intext Photo (Katrin Kivi) Courtesy of Council of Europe]
[Photo Credits-Featured Image: By ©George Stewart (Own Work)]



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