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Estonia’s Foreign Minister Emphasizes The Importance Of Foreign Policy In National Security

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Foreign Minister Kaljurand in the Riigikogu: Foreign policy plays a key role in ensuring Estonia’s security

Foreign Minister Kaljurand in the Riigikogu: Foreign policy plays a key role in ensuring Estonia's security
11 February 2016

In her annual speech in the Riigikogu today, Foreign Minister Marina Kaljurand stressed the fact that the priorities of Estonia’s foreign policy and foreign service are both global and regional security, but above all, Estonia’s national security. “Our broader security covers our entire global situation and international relations. Estonia’s diplomacy in its entirety is working today on behalf of safeguarding our security,” Foreign Minister Kaljurand said.

In her speech, Kaljurand referred to the migration crisis, international terrorism, and breaches of the fundamental principles of European security by Russia as the biggest threats to Europe’s security. “In order for our friends, allies, and partners to treat us as a reliable and responsible country, Estonia must also behave as such. Only thus can we ensure own security, only thus can we give our children a better, safer and happier Estonia,” she added.

According to Kaljurand, what is very important for Estonia is the unity of NATO allies and a common understanding of the dangers and needs facing the alliance. “Last year, the visible strengthening of Estonia’s security continued with the help of our allies. The allied presence is an additional guarantor of our security and we are grateful to those who have contributed to our security with their presence and are increasing it. However, work at strengthening NATO’s eastern flank is far from over,” the Foreign Minister said.

Kaljurand insists Estonia’s broader security depends to a very large extent on our ability to act as a credible partner on the international arena. “We wish to increase our contribution to handling security problems that have global implications.This year, we will continue to work towards the goal of Estonia becoming a non-permanent member of the Security Council for the period 2020-2021,” Foreign Minister Kaljurand said.

Kaljurand stressed in her speech that terrorism has no justification and terrorism must countered – globally, in a coordinated manner and using all possible means.

“Estonia is participating in the U.S.-led 65-member international coalition. Estonia is a member of the military assistance working group of the coalition to counter Daesch. We have supported the fight against Daesh with weapons and ammunition. We intend to participate in Iraqi armed forces training with our military instructors,” Kaljurand stressed. “Religious radicalization and the threat of terrorism is amplified by a significant increase in the number of failed states in recent years.

Today, it is difficult to predict how the direct conflicts in Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Libya will end.

The European Union must pay serious attention to these conflicts,” she added.

{Source: Government of Estonia – Department of Communication – Ministry of Foreign Affairs}

[photo credits-featured image: Estonian soldiers wade ashore during a combined U.S. and Estonia amphibious assault training exercise during Baltic Operations (BALTOPS) – By U.S. Marine Corps photo by Sgt. Rocco DeFilippis [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons]

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