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Estonia Urges Cooperation With The EU In Fighting Terrorism

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Marina Kaljurand: cooperation within the EU and with our foreign partners is key to fighting terrorism

The meeting of foreign ministers of the European Union in Brussels focused on discussing recent critical foreign policy developments regarding the situation in Turkey and the fight against terrorism.

The EU’s new global strategy was also discussed. The EU foreign ministers’ meeting was preceded by a meeting with John Kerry, the Secretary of State of the United States, with whom the ministers discussed cooperation on several foreign policy issues.

In speaking of events in Nice, the EU foreign ministers expressed their condolences for the victims and solidarity with France.

According to the ministers, it is important in our fight against terrorism to increase efforts to improve cooperation both inside the EU and with foreign partners. “Effective communication between countries and different institutions and offices, including the interoperability of various databases, is key,” Foreign Minister Marina Kaljurand explained. The foreign ministers stressed that the European Agenda on Security, which was passed last year, should be implemented without delay.

“Estonia is part of the anti-Daesh coalition and we are prepared to contribute to the training of Iraqi forces,” said Kaljurand. Kaljurand also added that is important to invest into preventive work, especially among young people, to avert violent extremism and terrorism.

The foreign policy leaders of the EU condemned the coup attempt in Turkey and expressed support for the democratically elected government, institutions and legal order.

“Problems and tensions in society cannot be solved through violence, guns or military intervention, but only through democratic processes,” said Foreign Minister Marina Kaljurand. Marina Kaljurand stated that the foreign ministers of the European Union felt it was extremely important for Turkey to respect their constitutional order and rule of law.

“When administering justice, it is important to respect human rights and fundamental freedoms, including the right to a fair trial,” she added. Foreign ministers assured that Turkey is a candidate country for EU membership and an important partner for the EU.

The EU foreign ministers discussed the European Union’s global strategy for foreign and security policy. According to Foreign Minister Marina Kaljurand, this new global strategy is the first to combine the foreign activities and policies of the EU into one integral whole, laying down the priorities of the EU and the means for implementing them.

“It is now time to focus on the implementation of the strategy and carry out follow-up discussions with all member states,” Kaljurand added.

Federica Mogherini, head of EU foreign affairs, introduced the new global strategy entitled “Shared Vision, Common Action: A Stronger Europe. A Global Strategy for the European Union’s Foreign and Security Policy” for the first time in the European Council on 28 June last.

{Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Estonia/Communications Department (Sten Juur)-Media Relations}

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