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Ebola Travel Bans

More African countries placing travel bans from Ebola infected areas.

Approximately thirty African Nations have instituted Ebola travel restrictions.

The African Nations instituting a travel ban are just putting on a band-aid.

If they want to address the Ebola issue, then they need to implement a cultural mind re-set in Africans.

If the etiological agent of Ebola is transmitted through fruit bats, chimpanzees, and bush meat — then that
is where you need to start combating the disease — not wait until you have millions infected.

If the African Citizens refuse to stop eating “infected monkey meat”
then travel bans are an “exercise in futility”.

If you cannot stop people from pulling out a monkey head from
a boiling pot and chomping on it.
Then Houston — you got a problem.

An analogy to that “mentality” would be to try to contain that
“other disease”, that originated in Africa (HIV-Virus) — people
fornicating and refusing to use prophylactics.
I ain’t going to get it mindset.

Stupid is as Stupid does — and the rest of the World has to suffer
for that stupidity.

Yesterday, I received an email press release from the White House
ensuring the populace not to worry about Ebola spreading.
Advising that in the US it is difficult to get infected with Ebola and a few reasons
were bullet pointed. I crumpled it up and tossed it in the round file.

With my limited medical knowledge — US Navy Hospital Corps circa 63-67
I am having a problem understanding the White House Logic — if there is any.
To the best of my knowledge, there has not been a physical disease
that has mutated into aerobic.

However, I consider that remark playing a game of semantics.
Think “droplets” dispersed by the infected person — could it be transmitted
through sneezing that spews droplets in the air and/or perspiration drops
on the skin that are left on items that come into contact with the skin?

I strongly suspect that it can.

I travel to Europe several times a year and have noticed the rapid and dramatic
change in demographics. I just got back from Switzerland, France, and Spain.
There is an influx of Africans into the European continent and a healthy percentage do not enter through regulated immigration processes.

These “Talking Heads” that are using Ebola for political posturing,
better start pulling their heads out of where the sun doesn’t shine and
accept the fact that we are in the early stages of a pandemic.

They should start asking the right questions and look for the right solutions
for this dilemma.

In this scenario Common Sense needs to override Political Correctness.
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