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Ebola — The Sixty Day Countdown

Ebola Questions:

Ebola has been around for approximately forty years.

Why the explosive outbreak now and why did it occur simultaneously
in certain African urban areas?

What is the current origin of the disease?

Trying to deal with the infected person and prevention of the infected person spreading
Ebola is one problem. However, what attempts are being made to isolate the causative factors?
(Fruit Bats, Chimpanzees, Bush Meat, etc.)

Who has been doing past research to combat the Ebola etiological agent?
Have they been contacted by the UN, WHO, and unbiased Medical Organizations?

What experimental drugs are waiting approval from regulatory agencies?
(Now is not the time for regulatory red tape — it is the time to try ANYTHING
— as the odds are against surviving the disease).

Why did the US send 3500 military personnel to Africa?
Is there a logical rationale for their deployment?
How many are performing relevant purposeful duties?
How many will contact the disease and import it into the US?

Will the disease mutate from being transmitted by physical contact to
aerobic transmission?

Will terrorist organizations start using this disease as a weapon for Jihad?

This is a major global dilemma and should be treated as such.
The UN, WHO, Federal Agencies, Medical/Pharmaceutical Research Centers
should be working 24/7 on the issue.

This is no time for political finger pointing or corporate special interest strategies.

The Global Community should come together with the “commonality of purpose”
to find a solution to the upcoming pandemic and prevent millions of deaths and economic disaster.

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