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Democratic Networks In Europe More Important Than Ever

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Trying to build networks between European countries subscribing to essential values as democracy is more important than ever, says Hans Wallmark, Swedish member of the Nordic Council Presidium.

Wallmark met representatives from the Baltic Assembly, the Visegrád countries, as well as MPs from Georgia, Moldavia and Ukraine in Vilnius on Friday to discuss achievements, challenges and future prospects of the EU’s Eastern Partnership.

Audunn Nielsson –
“Others might choose another direction – they can opt for the Eurasian Union. But every country should be able to decide by themselves, not being manipulated by “green men” – now openly admitted to be Russian Special Forces”, said Wallmark.

According to Hans Wallmark, the last year has been better for sceptical pessimists than for optimists.

“In the long run I still believe, however, that democracy – and also an open market economy – better can survive challenges in a modern world than authoritarian regimes in countries with corrupt economies mainly based on few natural resources”.

“The Crimean and Donbas issues in Ukraine are in focus, but there are also institutional conflicts in Transnistria in Moldova and Abkhazia in Georgia. These are very worrying developments. The European countries should be prepared to stand closer together in times of crisis. This will in itself be an important preventative measure”, Wallmark concludes.

In January, members of the Presidium of the Nordic Council and Baltic Assembly Baltic convened a meeting with members of the European Parliament elected from Baltic and Nordic countries to discuss the EU Eastern Partnership and further networking between regional parliamentary organisations and European Parliament.

At its mini session next Wednesday, the Nordic Council will look at the Region’s changing relationship with Russia.

The Nordic Council is the official inter-parliamentary body of the Nordic Region. Human rights, democracy, equality, and the rule of law have been fundamental values of the Nordic Council since its inception in 1952.

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