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Crete is the fifth and largest island in the Mediterranean Sea.The Capital City is Heraklion.
The island has a rugged mountain range running East to West.
Arrival by Air, you have the option of three airports: Nikos Kazantzakis(Heraklion), Daskalogiannis(Chania), and small one in Sitia. Arrival by Sea, Crete is served by numerous ferries, most of which depart from Athens.
The island has several ancient Minoan archaeological sites.

In Crete here are numerous tourist attractions and hotel accommodations to suit every budget.

‘Creta Maris Beach Resort’ is one of the more beautiful resorts and sponsors activities
to please all age groups.

The Resort offers high quality all inclusive services at a Cretan, traditional and green oriented environment.

Creta Maris Beach Resort adapts to the Cretan culture and gastronomy while supplies exclusively local products in the food section and operates in a green oriented environment. 

Live an integrated experience relevant to nutrition, culture and the roots of Crete. Experience the eating habits, the dances, the sudden feasts, and the stories told around the table, as well as special events such as cheese-making, feast of tsikoudia, and Cretan cuisine cooking classes.

The operation of the hotel is environmentally friendly using pure cleaning products, performing environmental actions and activities.

The resort just completed several weeks of events dedicated to the wine industry and connoisseurs.
Below is a recap of the events.

Three special actions highlighting the indigenous varieties of Crete

‘Creta Maris Beach Resort’ confirmed its participation in the –“Project FUTOURIS e.V. – Connecting sustainable Winegrowing with the Hospitality services on Crete ( 2016-1017”, by implementing three special actions full of tradition and intense flavor of Crete. Kids’ planting, Vine-cooking and Wine Tasting  highlighted in the best possible way the island’s long tradition in grape growing and winemaking to many tourists.

Creta Maris Beach Resort, as a member of Metaxa’s Group of Companies, participates in the “Project FUTOURIS e.V.: Connecting sustainable Winegrowing with the Hospitality services on Crete ( 2016-2017)”, along with Sbokos Hotel Group, St. August winegrowers group, TUI Austria, TUI Hellas, Lyrarakis wines, Swiss Approval International and Local Food Experts – s.c.e.

The project focuses on building structures for the development of a sustainable holiday destination, addressing services and issues that expand beyond the Sun and the Sea, as well as on protecting & meeting the needs of destination residents, and on the promotion of the wine and cultural heritage of the island.

In this context, Creta Maris Beach Resort designed and implemented a series of actions – events during the period of July-August 2016. The first action, “Kids’ planting” was held on Friday 29 July in the resort’s vineyard, with dozens of participating children – guests. Via this action the children came into contact with the Cretan vineyard and learned about the process of planting, taking care of it, as well as the vineyard derivatives.

Next action was the “Vine-Cooking”, an interactive cooking class on the Cretan vineyard and its leaves, which are the basis of a very popular Greek recipe, the stuffed vine leaves. At first, the participants visited the vineyard, where they collected vine leaves, which were transported to the organic garden for the execution of the recipe. All the attendees were informed about the Cretan vineyard, the indigenous varieties of Creta Maris Beach Resort vineyard and the Futouris program and its objectives.

On Tuesday, August 23, a wine tasting of indigenous varieties was held. The action was organized with the cooperation of Lyrarakis wines, in one of the resort’s restaurants. The participants smelled and tasted wines of the Cretan vineyard, which were accompanied by traditional Cretan delicacies, while also learned about their special characteristics.

In the context of Creta Maris Beach Resort’s participation in project Futouris additional events have already been scheduled, and will take place in the near future, completing thereby the resort’s total involvement in the 2016 Futouris project. A special local action, the Traditional Cretan Harvest, will be among these events, and will offer guests the chance to experience the Cretan customs and traditions.

About Creta Maris Beach Resort:

Creta Maris Beach Resort belongs to Metaxas’ Group of Companies and has been operating since 1975. It has a capacity of 680 rooms, suites and bungalows, 6 restaurants, 7 bars, 7 swimming pools, gym, Hammam spa, Asterias Children’s Club, and a great space for outdoor and indoor activities.

Please visit Creta Maris Beach Resort

For more information on Crete please visit Greece National Tourism office:

[Source: Creta Maris Beach Resort-Media Relations]
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