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Colonia del Sacramento,Uruguay — The Historic Quarter

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Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay


Last month I took a three week swing through South America.

I flew into the Montevideo airport and traveled by bus to various points in Uruguay.
I spent three days in the historical town of Colonia del Sacramento.

Colonia del Sacramento is located in the Southwest part of Uruguay.
It is situated on the Rio de la Plata and across the water from Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Colonia del Sacramento was founded by the Portuguese in 1680.
Through a succession of historical events it lost its’ founders a century later.

The town remains an eclectic mixture of Portuguese and Spanish heritage, culture and architect. It is frequented by tourists…  many, of which, travel by ferry boat from Buenos Aires. I was intriqued by Colonia del Sacramento’s ‘Historic Quarter’, so I limited my visit to that area.

You can view “all of the attractions” in the Historic Quarter by strolling the streets. Some of the terrain can be a little rough on the feet,so wear a good pair of shoes.When you walk the ancient streets, built by the Portuguese, you feel a certain atmosphere lingering from the colonial era.


The Historic Quarter is punctuated with small colorful boutique-style hotels and restaurants, each reflecting its’ owners individual tastes. The food is really great, I enjoyed every meal during my three day visit.

I experienced an enjoyable stay at the Posada Las Terrazas Hotel. This small Boutique Hotel was nicely decorated, clean rooms, a small swimming pool, nice breakfast and a friendly accommodating staff. It is an easy walk to the hotel from the bus or ferry terminals. The hotel is well situated in the Historic Quarter.(link to hotel at bottom of article)
The local artisan’s in the Historic Quarter, showcase their talent in shops situated along the picturesque cobblestone streets.


Vintage automobiles are everywhere, some are placed for atmosphere, some have been fully restored
and some are used as decorative flower planters.

The sunset is a “must see” and “must experience” event – so try to work this into your visit.
Mystical is an overused word. However, I think it applies when sitting on an ancient stone wall observing the “ball of fire” go down in Colonia del Sacramento.


Things to observe while strolling the ‘Historic Quarter’:
Porton de Campon – a draw-bridge circa 1745
Faro de Colonia de Sacramento – lighthouse circa 1857
Plaza de 25 de Mayo
Puerto Viejo – yacht harbor
Iglesia Matriz – Uruguay’s oldest church
Convento de San Francisco – ruins from the 17th century
Museo Portuguese – beautiful old home with Portuguese relics
Museo Palaeontologico – small private palaeontological collection

Below I have posted a Youtube video, some photos I took, and links to the
Video and Hotel.



VIDEO: Colonia del Sacramento – posted to your tube by XJJdx

Link to video

Link to Posada Las Terrazas Hotel

[Photo credits: all photos by ©George Stewart(Own Work)]


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