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China is sending military medical personnel to Liberia

China is sending an additional medical team to combat Ebola in Africa

China has been contributing to the process of an ongoing humanitarian effort to deal with
the Ebola crisis in West Africa.

China has a vested interest in Africa — China is Africa’s biggest trading partner.
China has long established diplomatic, social, and economic roots on the African continent.

To date, China has contributed over 120million USD to Ebola affected African Countries
and NGO’s to fight the infectious disease.

Today, November 15th, China deployed approximately 160 military medical
specialist’s to be stationed in West Africa.

The medical team departed from Chongqing and are destined for Liberia. Their duties will be
to operate a hospital in Liberia.

China already has contingents of civilian medical teams in the Region.
However, to the best of my knowledge, this is the first time that China has
sent “military” personnel to Africa to run an infectious disease compound.

The global community should support the medical team in their efforts as
they are being placed in harms way.

I wish them success, a safe journey, and a happy healthy return home.


Video, Chinese medical teams in Africa posted to Youtube by CCTV

Video, China sends medical supplies by Air Cargo to Africa posted to Youtube by CCTV


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