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Chile Creates Legal Authority To establish Two New Public Universities

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Open Eyes Opinion {source: CLgov}

Chile,- The President of the Republic, Michelle Bachelet, accompanied by Education Minister Adriana Delpiano, and holders of Finance, Rodrigo Valdes and the General Secretariat of the Presidency, Nicolas Eyzaguirre signed the promulgation of the law creating two new public universities in the regions of Aysén and O’Higgins.




Montt Varas in the Hall of the Palace of La Moneda, the Head of State signed the text that authorizes the operation of the educations schools in the regions of Aysén and O’Higgins. “We are meeting this objective to decentralize education, to promote a cultural, scientific and economic much more harmonious in every developing region of the country, “he said.

“With the creation of these schools, we are meeting this goal, and with a promise that we have made, to decentralize education, to promote a more harmonious cultural, scientific and economic development each region, and also to be able to strengthen regional and local public institutions, “he said.

This law is part of the Education Reform, and is part of strengthening public education, decentralization and equity in Higher Education.

It is the third time in the history of Chile that a State university is not derived from an existing one is created.

The last time this happened was in 1947 when it was created at the Technical University of the State.

“Wanted to be a system that is comprehensive, that is inclusive, that is pluralistic, allowing the generation and transmission of knowledge, to promote the critical thinking, creativity, but also collaboration, to contribute to economic and human development at the local, regional and national level, “he said.

After the publication of the law, the President shall designate another home state study to accompany the nascent university in the process of design, installation and commissioning. In addition, the rector, who is appointed by the governor, will have the sole objective of drafting the first Statutes and the first strategic development plan of the institution, model educational and installation Accompaniment Program and Cash Access (PACE) to higher education (period 2015-2016).

“We believe that the state should play a central role in the development of the motherland and creating conditions necessary so that all people, without distinction of any kind, can I deploy their talents, their potential and realize their dreams, “he said.

He added: “We want these new state universities and the education system as a whole contribute to those goals. We have made ​​great efforts to ensure that our education is inclusive, equitable and quality, and we want to continue doing. “


[photo credits: «Casa central de la U. de Chile» de Richard Espinoza – Trabajo propio. Disponible bajo la licencia CC BY-SA 3.0 vía Wikimedia Commons –]



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