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Central America – Workshops Implemented To Support Micro, Small & Medium-Sized Enterprises

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Open Eyes Opinion {source: SIECA}


In order to enhance the Regional Support Program Access MSMEs I-micro, small and medium-sized enterprises to Phase II Regional Market, funded by the Spain-Sica Fund, the first national workshop to validate the Regional Strategy that strengthens capabilities of these companies in the countries of Central American Integration System -Sica.

 Guatemala, February 23 . The national workshop in Guatemala was officially opened by the Deputy Minister of Integration and Foreign Trade,  María Luisa Flores , representing the Council of Ministers of Economic Integration -Comieco- and the Pro Tempore Presidency holds in Guatemala the same.

At the opening also participated Olga del Pino , coordinator of Economic Integration of Spain-Sica Fund and Executive Director of the Secretariat of Central American Economic Integration -Sieca-, Lourdes Perez .

The coordination and management of the working groups to identify obstacles and establish proposals to trade and tourism in the region were coordinated by the External Consultant,Fernando Ocampo, former Deputy Minister of Foreign Trade of Costa Rica. He’s focused on specific issues such as rules of origin, technical barriers to trade, sanitary and phytosanitary measures and transit and movement of people.

Since November 2014, the Comieco launched the strategy for MSMEs seize the legal instruments of Central American economic integration and thus have better access to the regional market and can move freely in the region.

The process began in Managua, Nicaragua, with the signing of a letter of understanding that involves interagency efforts Spain-Sica, Sieca, Tourism Integration Secretariat -SITCA- Central and Regional Center for the Promotion of MSMEs -Cenpromype.

Thus, national workshops that began today in Guatemala, continue during the first quarter in other member countries of the SIEC. The main purpose of these events is to validate the regional strategy and formulate an action plan to implement it.

In this workshop included representatives from the Ministries of Agriculture and Food; Public Health and Social Assistance; Interior and Foreign Affairs, besides the Immigration, Customs Directorate, Guatemalan Institute of Tourism, CENPROMYPE and SITCA.



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