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Brda Slovenia The Land Of Invigorating Moments

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Brda beckons to you from western Slovenia, midway between the Alps and the Mediterranean.

In this land of invigorating moments visitors can rest their eyes on endless green vineyards, orchards and olive groves. In spring the hillsides are gently covered in cherry and peach blossoms, while in summer and autumn all the colors of nature are reflected in the vineyards, full of ripe, sweet grapes.

The tradition of vine cultivation in Brda dates back to Roman times, but it has flourished most in the last two decades, ever since young local lads took over the vineyards from their fathers and farmers and decided together as friends to carry the name of Brda around the world.

The documentary film Terra Magica nicely portrays their love of the earth, sun and tradition. Alongside outstanding wine growers, Brda also boasts fine beekeepers and olive growers, for the local honey and olives are of superlative quality. Even in winter, the energy of the warm Mediterranean air engenders special feelings in Brda.

Put on some comfortable hiking shoes, and while wandering this land of invigorating moments stop in at a wine cellar of the hospitable locals or at a tourist farm. Take a peek at their pantries, stocked full of delights for the winter.

The land of invigorating moments offers countless opportunities for enjoying active holidays. Of course they are best enjoyed hand in hand with fine cuisine and socialising with thelocals, which in Brda is the point of every break and even of everyday life. It is just over 20 minutes to Nova Gorica, the centre of the Goriška region which stretches from the emerald River Soča to the Brda hillsides.

You can get to know the Brda folk best if you join them in their favourite tasks – harvesting cherries and grapes, and making olive oil, honey and lavender products. The mild climate offers hiking and cycling throughout the year.

Running through the town of Dobrovo, with its marvellous Renaissance castle, is one of the favourite footpaths in this part of Europe, the Alpe Adria Trail, which links the beauties of nature with a rich cultural heritage and cuisine. You can also enjoy the fine views and the hospitality of the local people along 8 hiking trails around Brda, named after old varieties of Brda cherries, something that at one time the imperial court in Vienna could not live without.

The cycling trails in Brda have also been named after local fruit. Regarded as a most enchanting medieval village, Šmartno is one of the finest cultural monuments in Slovenia. A fascinating historical exhibition also awaits you at Villa Vipolže, the finest Renaissance villain the country, where Venetian gentlemen liked to make merry and imbibe.


Brda must be tasted to be experienced. When you are welcomed in, the table will always feature a plate of the meats and cheeses of the house, and a glass of fine native rebula wine. Brda cuisine is simple, but unique and delicious. It smells of the herbs and aromatic plants that grow only here, where the Alps and the Mediterranean regions intermingle. Wine and food are never alone in Brda, as the locals say, and need each other’s company.


Frtalja is a kind of omelette made with a wide variety of fresh herbs and aromatics. It is also prepared with pršut (also known as prosciutto) and other dried meats.


Treat yourself to a tasting of superlative wine in the wine cellars. Some are like proper little art galleries, with painted barrels. Brda wine makers are reaping world fame in their love of the noble drop and in their decision that quality must always come before quantity. Most widespread is the native rebula variety. Tastings are usually accompanied by platters of cold cuts, olives, olive oil and bread from a bread oven. All this should warm you to the idea of visiting a typical Brda tourist farm, where you will feel like part of the family.


* Brda and Wine in April is a traditional festival of wine and cuisine. Don’t miss this gourmet experience, with tastings of the superlative products of Brda wine growers.

* Days of rebula and olive oil is a traditional April event that draws a large number of visitors for the tasting of the outstanding native wine varieties and gastronomic treasures of Brda.

* The Cherry Festival in June is the major tourist event in Brda. At that time Brda puts on its roundest, reddest face. The bright red, crisp Brda cherries were admired even at the courts of the Viennese emperors. The Cherry Festival is followed by the traditional Brda parade.

{Source: Slovenian Tourist Board}


[photo credits-featured image: By MihaV (brda_2) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons]


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