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Brazil’s Micro Business Enterprises Play A Key Role In The Tourism Industry

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Open Eyes Opinion {source: BRgov/ministry of tourism}


Small Business Tourism Moves The Country

Tourist services

Recent Survey shows that Brazilian micro and small enterprises represent 95% of the regulated service providers in the industry 

The national economy, micro and small enterprises play a key role, with a 27% share in GDP. In the tourism sector, small businesses are even more important. Figures presented by the Ministry of Tourism show that the 41 300 service providers registered with the National Registry of Tourism Services Providers, the Cadastur, 95% are classified as micro and small or individual microentrepreneurs.

Among the establishments are shops, travel agencies and hostels, as well as several service providers of the economic chain of tourism. A survey of the Brazilian Association of Event Companies (ABEOC) reinforces the importance of small enterprises, which represent 76.8% of the segment.

André Spinola, Sector Customer Services manager at the Sebrae, says that tourism is an activity in which micro and small companies stand out.

“They represent about 90% of establishments that operate in various links of the chain,” he says. According Spinola, tourism is a transversal and collective activity and, because of this, one of the challenges for the industry is to create an environment that promotes sustainable local development through professionalization, strengthening and structuring of tourism management.

Tatiana Petra and Patricia Herzog are partners in a small company that offers, since 2013 itineraries focused on local identity in Brasilia (DF). The turismólogas say that the idea of ​​opening the business grew out of a desire that had in connecting visitors and residents. Directed to creative tourism, business offers them non-traditional tours of points indicated by the residents.The tours include walking tours, cycling and even ballooning.

“We have a team of employees and hosts all microentrepreneurs. The biggest challenge for small businesses in tourism is not only innovate, but sustain the business with professionalism following the legal standards required by the industry, “says Tatiana. Currently, the company is a partner of about 20 individual microentrepreneurs.

Less bureaucracy

In order to facilitate the small business operation, the Ministry of Tourism and the Department of Small and Medium Enterprises signed in November 2014, a technical cooperation agreement that allows you to share information and simplify records of tourist companies in Cadastur, in order to reduce bureaucracy – considered one of the greatest barriers to formalization of enterprises.

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