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Brazilian Airports See An Increase In Tourist Traffic

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Open Eyes Opinion {source: Brazil Ministry of Tourism}


Brazilian tourists are increasingly traveling by plane.




The proof is that the country’s airports rose by 3.36% in the movement of passengers from January to June compared with the same period last year, according to the Civil Aviation Secretariat (SAC).

In all, 107.7 million of departures and arrivals, the best result for the series. The regional aviation was highlighted, with growth of 4.06% in the half.

A survey conducted by the Tourism Ministry shows that the aircraft is the preferred mode of transportation of Brazilians.

Among people who plan to travel in the next six months, 57% will have aircraft as means of transport.Second is the private car, chosen by 24% of respondents, followed by bus, 10% choice of travelers.

Brazilian airports

Among the international airports granted to the private sector, Viracopos (SP) recorded the largest increase (8.83%), followed by Brasilia (DF) (7.07%) and Confins (BH) (5.46%).

The International Airport of Rio de Janeiro (RJ), the Galleon, practically remained stable, with an increase of 0.05% in the semester; and Guarulhos (SP), the largest in the country on passenger movements fell by 1% in the period.

Between terminals managed by Infraero, the airport of Congonhas (SP), increased movement in 10.57% compared to the first half of last year. The value is 900 thousand more passengers in the terminal’s operation.

With this, the airport of the state capital was the second busiest between January and June.

Among the four airports included in the second round of the Investment Program in Logistics (PIL), Florianópolis (SC) had the best result, with 3.21% increase, followed by Porto Alegre (2.46%), Salvador (2, 07%) and Fortaleza (0.70%). Together they are responsible for moving more than 13 million passengers, in the first half of the year.


[photo credits: “Rio Guaiba Porto ALegre” by Paulo RS Menezes. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 br via Wikimedia Commons –]



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