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Brazil Proposes Visa Waivers For American Tourists Attending The Olympics In 2016

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Open Eyes Opinion {source: Brazil Ministry of Tourism}




Exemption of visas for Americans will be included in the Olympic Act Law



The exemption of visas for US tourists will be included in the provisional measure amending the Law of the Olympic Act, legislation establishing the Rio Olympics as the host in 2016.

According to the project, American tourists will be exempt from visas between January and October 2016. The length limit in the country is 90 days extendable. The proposal of the Minister of Tourism, Henrique Eduardo Alves, must be approved in Congress.

“I’ve been working with the National Congress to add an article on the facilitation of visas at the Olympic Act Law. The idea is that the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Justice and Tourism may, by joint decree unilaterally waive the requirement of the tourist visa, “said Henrique Eduardo Alves.

Economic decision

Estimates of the Ministry of Tourism indicate that the move could add up to $ 1.7 billion more in the Brazilian economy. The projection was based on studies of the World Tourism Organization, which maintain that the visa waiver and the consequent natural expansion of the route network may even triple the number of visitors the destinations. Last year, the Americans left US $ 850 million in Brazil.

Last week, Henrique Eduardo Alves met with the Justice Minister José Eduardo Cardozo, to discuss the economic benefits of entry of these tourists in the country. The Minister of Tourism presented the results of the experience made during the World Cup in 2014.

At the time, Brazil did a pilot and eased visas for travelers with tickets to the world. As a result, a record inflow of dollars from tourism was recorded.Foreigners have left $ 1.58 billion in Brazil, an increase of almost 60% over the same period of 2013.


In May this year, Henrique Eduardo Alves formalized with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the claim for visa facilitation, taking into account the proximity of the Olympic Games. The American tourist, even with visa requirements for entering the country is the 2nd biggest market for Brazil (592,800 in 2013), which spends more (US $ 1,427.00) and more remains in the country leisure (20.6 days).

The Olympic Act Law

The Olympic Act was instituted in order to ensure guarantees for the candidacy of the city of Rio de Janeiro to host the Olympic Games and the 2016 Paralympic and lay down special rules for its implementation, subject to implementation of this Act to confirm the choice of that city the International Olympic Committee.


[photo credits: “Rio de Janeiro Helicoptero 47 Feb 2006” by Mariordo (Mario Roberto Durán Ortiz) – Own work. Licensed under CC BY 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons –]



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