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Brazil Hotels – “Day Use” Strategy Stimulates Demand For Hotel Facilities

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Open Eyes Opinion {source: Brazil Ministry of Tourism}


Daily “day use” without overnight stay stimulates demand for hotels

The hosting option called day use , which allows tourists to take advantage of the structure of the hotel or hostel without having to spend the night at the site, has won fans in the Brazil.

The advantages include, for example, the possibility of using the pool and recreational facilities at a lower price than that paid by the traditional guest.The discount may vary from 15% to 40%.

Hotels near airports have specialized in this vein: they now allow the traveler to use the room during the day for meetings, between one flight and another.

An international hotel chain offers day use two units in São Paulo, with prices 15% lower than the traditional daily. The clients of this service profile will the business tourist looking for a meeting room to families interested in leisure. In general, this type of fare is valid for stays from 12 to 18 hours, but may vary from hotel to hotel.

The Pernambuco lawyer Giovana Mattos, 41, has experienced three hotels in the south of the country on the option day use . The option, she said, is great for those wishing to enjoy the day, a sauna, a water park or an amusement park attached to a hotel.

“For me it’s great because I have children – and the best hotels usually invest in leisure. I could not afford night stay for five people, “he says.

Adriana Pinto, president of the Association of the Federal District Hotel Industry (ABIH-DF), said the service day use benefits both guests and hotel chains: for establishments with good infrastructure it is an opportunity to increase revenue as well to reach customers who would never seek the hotel if there were not this tariff option, as the residents of the city itself.

The president of ABIH-DF points out, however, that during periods of high demand is more difficult for the hotel to maintain the service, hence the need to schedule in advance the hiring of day use , because the demand for overnight stays is higher.

Adriana adds that there is also the late checkout option, which allows the guest to extend the stay without having to pay a new overnight. Prices vary according to the hotel, but on average, the price of late checkout is 50% of the common daily.

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