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Brazil Charms The Chilean Tourists

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Brazil Charms The Chilean Tourists






Chile is the third country that sends most tourists to Brazil, behind Argentina and the United States

The new exchange rate level is transforming Brazil into a tourist destination chosen by tourists from neighboring countries. According to the newspaper La Tercera, Chile, the exchange rate is favorable for those who decide to know the Brazilian attractions and is causing an increase in the sale of packages and the number of days that Chileans are in the country, a trend that should remain in summer 2015 / 2016.

“In recent years we see a steady increase in demand for Brazil, but this year the growth has gained more strength and reached 38% more than the 2014/2015 season. Among the most sought after cities is Búzios, “reported the newspaper the Business Travel Manager of Falabella,  Brenda Herrera,  one of the largest Chilean operators.

Also according to the newspaper, favorable currency exchange for the combined Chilean with improved air connectivity – allowing tourists reach the Brazilian destinations in less time – in addition to the implementation of new flights were some of the factors that explain the growing interest in Brazil as a destination for the summer.

In joint event with Embratur (Brazilian Tourism Institute) for the launch of the summer campaign of Brazil in Chile, the airline’s director of sales LATAM, Pablo Yunis, announced that the company will provide charter flights to Florianopolis with three outputs in the month January and four outputs in February. Yunis also stated that travel to Brazil is 15% to 20% more convenient than last summer.

The general secretary of the Tourism Enterprise Association (Achet) of Chile,Lorena Arriagada,  told the newspaper that in addition to the increased demand for Brazilian destinations also increased the number of days allocated to stay in the country. “We are seeing a lot of demand from customers for travel to Brazil, as well as an increase in the first half, the average days of stay of 9.4 to 10.6, which is encouraging, “he said.

La Tercera even brought portal data, just network in Brazil, which reveal the sale of 2300 tickets to Chile in October to destinations including Salvador, Natal, Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro . “The tropical coast paradise, abundant nature, the great historical and cultural wealth extends the tourist offer and make these sectors entice more and more. Reservations for travel to these destinations almost doubled, “the sales manager of flights with, Ana María White.


With the theme “Long live near the summer – Come to Brazil,” the campaign with video and developed arts to promote Brazil presents the  five regions of the country, highlighting a plural destination for all tastes and ages. The material will be available for trade use in campaigns and inserts. The new promotional campaign has already been presented at Expo 42 ABAV in FORNATUR (National Forum of State Secretaries and Directors of Tourism), Fit in Argentina and has now been officially launched in the Chilean market.


[photo credits-featured image: By Jorge Andrade from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (Futuro Beach, Fortaleza, Brazil) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons]


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