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Brazil Eases Passenger Restrictions For Tourism Minbuses

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Open Eyes Opinion {source: Brazil Ministry of Tourism}

Brazil, – As of August 5, minibuses and vans (8-20 passengers) may be chartered to transport tourists on interstate and international travel up to 540 kilometers.

A new resolution of the National Land Transportation Agency (ANTT) now authorize trasporte.



So far, this type of travel was banned in vehicles that offered less than 20 seats – so that the agencies had to use larger buses, even if the seats were not occupied.

According to the general coordinator of Competitiveness and Innovation of the Ministry of Tourism, Tamara Galvão, the change helps create a new market niche for companies that already operate in the segment, but could not make the interstate transportation.


According to the ANTT, 3,719 companies are able to offer the service in Brazil and 25,551 buses are allowed.

Every year, more than 308,000 interstate travel permits and the expectation is that, from now on, this figure will grow further due to the possibility of using the micro-buses and vans.


[photo credits: “Praia de Copacabana – Rio de Janeiro, Brasil” by [ bisonlux] – Flickr. Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons –,_Brasil.jpg#/media/File:Praia_de_Copacabana_-_Rio_de_Janeiro,_Brasil.jpg]



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