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Bahrain Lashes Out At Malicious Media Malpractices

Bahrain Calls For Unified Arab Stand Against Terrorism

Manama, Bahrain Decembre 2014

The Bahraini Minister of Information Affairs has condemned the malpractices of Qatar’s Al Jazeera, its egregious abuses of the right of freedom of expression and flagrant attempts to sow seeds of sedition and spread hatred narratives in the region, affirming that in the West the freedom of expression cannot be used to justify and shield the promotion of extremist narratives.

“Al Jazeera adopts malicious practices that fly in the face of all media codes of ethics by getting involved in suspicious and flagrant conspiracies, the sole aim of which is to support terrorist organisations and fanatic groups, twist facts, sow seeds of sedition and hatred in the region, ” said Ali bin Mohammed Al Rumaihi, Bahrain’s Minister of Information Affairs, in his address to the 48th session of the Arab Information Ministers’ Council which kicked off in Cairo Wednesday.

“The spiral of violence and outbreak of extremist ideologies at the hands of fanatic groups represent the first and foremost threat to sustainable development, posing the greatest menace to our Arab unity. It goes without saying that such dangers pile more responsibilities over our media institutions to assume greater roles in fighting the scourge of terrorism in all its forms and manifestations and drying up sources of fanaticism in line with a unified Arab media strategy which is based on spreading values of tolerance and moderation and getting rid of all hateful and sectarian rhetoric and attempts to cultivate sedition among Arab countries.”

“The Kingdom of Bahrain has been until this moment among the most countries affected and profoundly hurt by such hateful practices by Qatar’s Al Jazeera and its digital platforms as well those other channels funded by or affiliated to Iran which break Islamic bonds and the basic principles of good neighbourliness. They follow systematic approaches mainly aimed at destabilizing the region, undermining our security and national identity, twisting facts, propagating false reports and rumours and promoting the heinous activities and operations perpetrated by criminal groups and organisations,” the minister added in statements carried by the Bahraini News Agency.

The minister commended the internationally recognized economic model adopted by the UAE, and the myriad sacrifices made by the UAE leaderships for the just causes of the Arab and Islamic nations, denouncing the egregious abuses launched through the flagrant incitement media attempts made by the Qatari channel to underestimate and play down the role played by the UAE in the Arab world. He also denounced all attempts made to tarnish the reputation of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Republic of Egypt and their pioneering efforts in the service of Arab and Islamic nations.

“Al Jazeera, along with its look-alikes, has established a new media culture which violates the fundamentals of the media code of ethics and repeatedly crossed the threshold of incitement to hostility, violence and discrimination by hosting arch-terrorists s listed on the international lists of terrorism.”

“This channel produced more than 900 news stories and reports that instigate violence and hatred in Bahrain,” said the minister, stressing that “Bahrain has never been an aggressive country. We have always been pioneers in areas of education and culture and these are facts that can never be denied but by elements that have malicious intentions and agendas. What kind of freedom is this which justifies production of documentaries in five languages and sending them to organizations of human rights in order to inflict damage on our reputation, but thanks to Allah the Almighty we have managed to survive all this.”

“Achieving pan-Arab security entails one unified stand by all of us as Gulf nationals in the first place and then as media people and officials,” added the minister, noting that in the West freedom of expression cannot be used to justify and shield the promotion of extremist narratives.

The minister underlined the compelling need for taking immediate measures to bring to an end such malicious attempts that disrespect and violate the national sovereignty of world countries.

[Source: WAM/Hatem Mohamed -/- Media Relations]
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