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Austria Discusses Citizens’ Concerns

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10 July 2015

Vienna (PK) – A summary report of the Committee on Petitions and Citizens’ Initiatives was the last item on the agenda at today’s National Council . In order for the parliamentary deliberations on the majority of the introduced citizens’ concerns have been completed. Demanded by the citizens, among other things, an amendment of the party and party funding law, other petitions were against the further closure of police stations and the only yesterday adopted the National smoking is not permitted from 2018. In addition, citizens’ groups made ​​themselves strong against the new Islamic law, as well as a debt brake in the Constitution, a “seniors-year card-Austria for all public transport and a full investigation of the HCB-scandal in Carinthia Görschitztal. Through appropriate allocations will the Judiciary Committee on the legalization deal of cannabis and sharper penalties for animal abusers interior, the teaching committee of the return to the number of preparation hours before the A level exam for oral Matura.

Massive criticism of the parliamentary handling of citizens’ concerns was widely supported by the opposition towards the SPÖ and ÖVP.

Thanks from National President Doris Bures

Words of thanks addressed National President Doris Bures at the end of Plenarjahres to the entire Parliament. It is jointly managed to take many important decisions. In particular Bures thanked the staff of the Parliamentary Administration, the parliamentary groups and the parliamentary staff, they would doing short stints. My thanks also go to the Board was of the Parliament, the Präsidialkonferenz and the Second and Third Speaker of Parliament for their support during the first weeks and months in her new role as National President.

FPÖ criticizes closure of police stations

In a petition, which was “rushed through brutal way” by the federal government on how the Freedom said Christian Höbart came in. Specifically, it mobilized against further closures of police stations. Like the undersigned also warned of increasing Höbart crime in Austria. Through the “so-called services structural adjustment” as Höbart said, was insbeondere of Austria east of crime waves affected. “Safety is a basic need for the people of this country,” said the Freedom deputies.

Given the massive number of “foreigners, unfortunately lead to no good,” should not be thinned out loud Gerhard Schmid (of) police departments. Closures would have a negative impact, especially in rural areas. The safety before going, in his view, therefore, should also border controls are being considered.

The closures of police stations was defended by John Rauch (V). At issue is a modernization of the Austrian police. That would have been the meaning and purpose of the reform, which according to him, is already bringing success in terms of crime rate.

NEOS to petition on HCB scandal: the wishes of the people living there have not been complied

The criticism of the opposition on handling civil installations made Michael Pock (N) using the example of a petition for HCB scandal in Carinthia Görschitztal significantly. The people living there have launched a citizens’ initiative with the specific request of a gapless Enlightenment to the National Council. The had not been complied with, complained Pock, who also could not understand why the citizens’ initiative has not been allocated to the health committee. Accordingly, the NEOS MPs appealed especially to the SPÖ and ÖVP, further enhance the Committee on Petitions and Citizens’ initiatives and to improve the reporting obligations towards the citizens.

Austria According to SPÖ and ÖVP already very active in climate protection

Regarding the call for a global, ambitious climate agreement, Wolfgang Pirklhuber was the procedure of SPÖ and ÖVP, namely to take this only to note, particularly in view of the forthcoming global climate summit in Paris, do not understand. This was about a forward-looking perspective, presented by Climate Alliance Austria, as he made clear.

Martina Diesner-Wais (V) replied Pirklhuber that climate change already stand on the agenda of the Environment Committee, precisely because it is a central issue in this year. Basically, there are already many in Austria Climate Alliance municipalities, also in terms of energy transition is great effort recorded. In a similar line of reasoning is ranked Harry Buchmayr (S). In Austria it was already succeeded in improving the energy efficiency significantly, and the total amount of energy have decreased According Buchmayr.

The petition, titled “responsibility for disabled and dependent people in Austria” was dedicated to Edith Mühlberg Huber (F). Thousands of people who need care would, supplied in acute care beds because the structures for long-term care and geriatric care are inadequate, they criticized. It it were additional costs, without being able to offer people real quality of life. That is why, in their view a comprehensive healthcare reform necessary. Also with this citizens’ concerns dealt Rupert Doppler (oF). He knew many people with disabilities or those who are in need of care, he said. “They truly bear a very tough draw,” it is not right and proper, to save on the backs of these people. Doppler demanded accordingly to adapt the care allowance and the tax-free allowances annually.

General to the needs of older people and in particular the citizens’ initiative, which was a seniors-Austria-annual pass for all public transport Gertrude Aubauer (V). It is generally important to think about how the elderly as long as possible can remain mobile, she said. Furthermore, the policy had to deal and to provide adequate offers. A “great concern” it is Aubauer also ensure comprehensive care. Here referred the ÖVO MPs about the revised care allowance will increase from January 2016 in all levels by 2%.

The petition, entitled “More Tax Justice also helps the local authorities”, which campaigns for the rapid implementation of a tax reform in favor of municipalities, themed Erwin Preiner (S) and Friedrich Ofenauer (V).Both drew attention that one of the main demands of the petition, namely the tax rate to decrease to 25%, has already been realized with this week’s decision of the tax reform. This example shows how a target of civil concern was implemented as Ofenauer said.

On the petition “For the preservation of banking secrecy – stop the total surveillance state!” Martina Schenk went from a team Stronach. Unfortunately, the banking secrecy was already abolished this week by a vote of red, black and green, as they complained, it goes to Schenk was therefore not taken into account the wishes of Austrian citizens.

In the petition, which advocates the example of hospitals Tamsweg and Mittersill for obtaining a nationwide, comprehensive health care in Salzburg, made Michael Ehmann (S) attention. A concern which also supported the deputies strongly.

“Let’s protect the Hörndlwald and the Steinhof and we stop the destruction of the City of Vienna”., With this clear requirement referred Wolfgang Gerstl of the OVP at two respective petitions The fact that the City of Vienna will obstruct this part of the Vienna Woods with a special hospital and simultaneously sell Steinhof as Gerstl said was completely incomprehensible.

Following the meeting was another (87th) session of the National Council held in which the measures provided for in the Rules of Procedure releases and assignments were made.

Thus, the meeting time is completed with July 13th. Conference start is 8 September. Meanwhile, the National Council can at any time convene for special sessions. (Final National) KEG




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