Australia Extradites Another People Smuggler From Indonesia

Extradition From Indonesia Highlights Australia’s Strong Partnership Against International Crime

Australian Customs Vessel ACV30 Botany Bay returns to Stokes Hill Wharf
Australia has arranged for the extradition of another alleged people smuggler from Indonesia. Ahmad Zia Alizadah now faces prosecution in Australia for 10 people smuggling offences. His extradition demonstrates the strength and effectiveness of the relationship between Australian and Indonesian law enforcement agencies.

People smuggling is a crime with global dimensions that can only be tackled through hard work and cooperation with our international partners.

Indonesian authorities have recently made a number of arrests for people smuggling offences, demonstrating Indonesia’s strong contribution to disrupting and dismantling the people smuggling trade. Australia values and appreciates Indonesia’s determined efforts to bring people smugglers to justice.

The Turnbull Government is committed to protecting Australia’s borders, stamping out this evil trade and preventing people from risking their lives at sea.

People smugglers will continue trying to exploit vulnerable people with false promises of settlement in Australia. In reality, any attempt to reach Australia illegally by boat will fail, and we remain committed to pursuing the criminals organizing these people smuggling ventures.

Ahmad Zia Alizadah is the ninth person extradited to face people smuggling charges in Australia since 2008.

The extradition was the result of close cooperation between the Australian Attorney-General’s Department, the Australian Federal Police, the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions, Indonesia’s Central Authority within the Ministry of Law and Human Rights, the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Indonesian National Police and the Indonesian Attorney-General’s Office.

[Source: Australian Government/Minister for Foreign Affairs -/- Media Relations]
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