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Argentina Tourism Minister Meyer Opens Argentina Week In ExpoMilano

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27 May 2015

Tourism Minister Enrique Meyer led the Argentina Week in ExpoMilano

Tourism Minister and president of the National Institute of Tourism, Enrique Meyer, led the delegation that participated in the Argentina Week in Italy, organized in the framework of the ExpoMilano 2015.

In this field, they were given the Argentina Tourism Awards, which recognize the work of the private sector and the media for their support to the promotion of tourism in the country.

“Participation Argentina in ExpoMilano 2015 is a great opportunity to promote tourism and to present each of the wonders of our country and thus realize the arrival of more and more visitors from around the world to Argentina,” he said Meyer.

Milan Expo 2015 is an exhibition with a strong overall impact. Organized by the International Bureau of Exhibitions (BIE), the Universal Exhibitions are held every five years and extend for six months when cultural, social, and economic exchanges among a large number of countries, institutions, international organizations deepen, NGOs and companies.

The exhibition, open until 31 October, 145 countries, three international organizations, thirteen civil society organizations and five corporate pavilions are present.


Video, Expo Milano promo posted to Youtube by Expo Milano 2015 (English)

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