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Argentina – The Political Situation In Latin America

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Secretary of Coordination for National Strategic Thinking, Ricardo Forster, and the leader of the Spanish movement can, Juan Carlos Monedero, held a dialogue on the political situation in Latin America and Europe. The struggles of today are tomorrow’s rights, Wallet said.

Ricardo Forster and Juan Carlos Monedero yesterday afternoon talked about the political situation in the old and the new continent during the National and Latin American Forum for a New Independence, which takes place from Monday in San Miguel de Tucuman, with free entry and free .

“Neoliberalism, that hegemony is much more than an economic domain. It has to do with the construction of common sense, the subjectivity of language and cultural representations that dominate the time, “Forster defined the beginning of an exchange that was dynamic and representative of shared realities, and had to journalist Lourdes Suazo as moderator.

Comparing the recent processes in the country and in Europe, the national official said: “The Argentines went through for 25 years a type of state that destroyed social, industrial, economic fabric and rights”, however, “Europe is watching, of a complex way, deep disintegration of a bet that long shaped the welfare state. ”

Forster said, one to another shore, “there are correspondences and experiences that can be transmitted, especially the way our societies break the hegemony, and how to turn the page of neoliberalism in terms of economic freedom, although much remains yet “.

“These talks aim to create conditions in order to compare and feel that we are not alone”, assessed the head of the Secretariat organized this forum, through the Ministry of Culture of the Nation.

Wallet, meanwhile, said: “In Europe we are paying the price of forgetting the struggles of yesterday are today’s rights, and the struggles of today are the rights of tomorrow.”

The BA in Political Science and Sociology at the Complutense University of Madrid toured part of the past to understand the issues of the present. “We can not happen by the will of a vanguard, but exist because the movement of the indignant, that is not an answer, it shows with absolute clarity that we do not want what we are offering,” Wallet said.

The speakers, both teachers, also reflected on the concept of “populism”. According to Forster, the reflex is to liken right nationalism and consider the term undemocratic. In Latin America, however, it was discussed and applied it to the forgotten and subordinates. “While in Argentina the first Peronism opens up the crowd and placed in the center of the scene in the ‘black’, this new generation appears as a break, as a subversive gesture,” he said.

Both Forster as Wallet acknowledged that the turning point came with the processes led by Kirchner in Argentina or Correa in Ecuador, which were labeled as populism “as a gesture damn,” the philosopher.

“Liberal democracy is a loved and valued by the people act is an act by which the people have given blood. What we can not do is think that this election now occupies the entire citizenship and we claim populism, because it goes against the neoliberal common sense “, argued the national secretary.

In turn, Wallet said the populist model, at first, and challenges facing the existing, but is not complete without a second constituent time of reconstruction.

In an election year, Forster stressed on the final: “It is false that the crisis of neoliberalism implies a decline of neoliberalism; hence the importance of holding democratic and popular projects with all its difficulties. ” “Today we are in democratic conditions, extending the idea of ​​democracy; progress must be made aware that taking in history there are no guarantees, we must fight to maintain the gains, “he said.



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