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Angela Merkel Campaigns For Changes To The European Asylum System

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Modernize European Asylum System

Chancellor Angela Merkel has urged in Dusseldorf to a change of the CEAS: “We need a change in the existing asylum system, which strengthens Europe,” Merkel said before the Düsseldorf Industry Club. The refugee crisis was “a profoundly European challenge”.

Angela Merkel campaigned for more consultation and solidarity: Necessary changes were a “European Border Guards, agreements with our neighbors, and a fair distribution throughout Europe.” The discharge of responsibility for the border guards at the external borders of the European Union had also been a shift from sovereignty. This confidence can only go well, of course, “if we are together ready then to draw the necessary conclusions, if not this system works,” said the Chancellor.

In a speech before the Düsseldorf Industry Club Merkel campaigned again for its refugee policy. The Industry Club Dusseldorf eV is an institution for more than 100 years. It is firmly rooted in the region and brings together under its umbrella business leaders.

Change Dublin Agreement

The so-called Dublin treaties must be changed. It stipulates, in the first refugees EU place of birth, which is accessible register and there to process the application for asylum. In the large influx of refugees, the EU’s external borders are landside no longer protect, stressed the Chancellor.

Therefore, she was deeply convinced: “We need the co-operation with the country from which to take the refugees to then also jointly organize the Border Patrol there is why the cooperation with Turkey at this point is so essential..”

Combat causes of flight

To reduce the number of refugees constitutes Chancellor to cause fighting. “We must address the root causes, in order to arrange the flows to control, to reduce.” This is the task of the work the federal government, said Merkel.

Germany must grant protection to those fleeing war and terror. On the other hand people have to return to their homeland, who came only for economic reasons. On the issue of repatriation, however, Germany must be clear and “hammer out the enforcement better”.


[photo credits: “Düsseldorf, Königsallee” by Mikhail (Vokabre) Shcherbakov from Moscow, Russia – Dusseldorf, Königsallee. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons –,_K%C3%B6nigsallee.jpg#/media/File:D%C3%BCsseldorf,_K%C3%B6nigsallee.jpg ]


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