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America’s Geopolitical Ineptitude

Has the US taken a sabbatical leave from World Affairs?

Our allies who have, for decades, relied on us for military and economic support are
getting a little more than just disconcerted by our unwillingness to take our place at the
round table that contributes “seasoned adult suggestions” to geopolitical solutions.

World leaders are tasked with maintaining continuity of their nation as a sovereign state
by establishing sound fiscal policies, supporting their military, and ensuring
national security. This includes establishing strategic military and economic alliances.

The United States of America ,in the past, has been the country that has set the example
for democratic sovereign states to emulate. The US Constitution is thoroughly studied
around the globe and the founding principles are considered the cornerstone on which a
free nation is built upon.

Other nations intelligence agencies shadow every move that the United States make.
They know much more about America’s situation than the average US Citizen who only
receives “directed” or “canned” news.

Our allies and other countries are questioning:
Why do our leaders seal their personal records and obscure their past associations.?
Why is it getting more difficult for the press to access federal agencies?
Why did we reduce our nuclear arsenal by 50%?
Why are we reducing funding and downsizing our military?
Why are we leaving our borders wide open?
Why are seasoned military officers and diplomats being made redundant?
Why is there gridlock in our legislative processes?
Why are political speeches constantly being laced with racial rhetoric?
Why aren’t we adhering to our constitutional laws?
Why do we have an unaccountable fiscal policy of irresponsible spending?
Why are our politicians preoccupied and bogged down with social injustice themes?
Why are we allowing our population base to be overloaded with illegal immigrants?
Why do American Corporations want to relocate headquarters outside of the US (Inversion)?
Why are wealthy citizens giving up their citizenship and leaving America?
…… and the list of questions goes on… for eternity and beyond.

I suspect that the results of our allies current situation analysis of the US lead to one
conclusion — and that is — they need to re-think their alliance with America
— lest they also start circling the drain.

They have probably concluded that our national leaders are living in a self created
parallel universe — encapsulated in a make believe two dimensional world of
black and white — and social re-ordering, at any cost, is necessary to achieve self fulfilling
utopian prophecies. All other matters of real world importance are just an irritating
nuisance that distracts from their ideological objectives.

American political leaders have drifted into thick soft clouds of “touchy feely” politically correct
domestic policies which secludes them from reality. They do not realize that they
have actually entered a layer of ozone.

There can be no valid argument against the fact that over the past few years, due to a variety of reasons,
America has become a weaker nation in dire need of a panacea.

Other nations evaluating the future US political scene do not paint a pretty picture.
They probably express doubts that a political candidate will come upon the stage to re-set the US.
A lot of the damage done over the past few years is irreparable.

Thus, new global geopolitical strategies are in full play now.
How will the world political alliance map, look in the next few years?

Things are going to change — change in all directions.

In the future will America have a seat at the global chess table — or will we be out of the game?

China’s ever growing economic and military power, control over the rare earth element supply chain, and establishing a strategic relationship with Russia — has created a formidable opponent to the
US standing as a dominant geopolitical influence.

I expect the “Russia China Strategic Partnership” (RCSP) to rapidly evolve into one of the most
predominant threats to US geopolitical power.
I predict that other nations, out of economic necessity, will start “docking” with the RCSP.

I encourage you to read the two part article below that was published in the Oriental Review.
The article was written by Andrew Korybko who is the American political correspondent
for Voice of Russia. He currently lives and studies in Moscow.

George Stewart

Russia China Strategic Partnership (RCSP) Part One

RCSP Part Two

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