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American President “or” American Potentate

The Political Party Debates in America — a long line of never ending controversies

While the rest of the “real-world” is expressing concerns over matters of global importance, the US keeps sinking deeper into the deep dark mire of domestic social re-ordering and the fundamental transformation of America objectives.

This week the American news streams are dominated ,yet again, by ongoing heated debates regarding immigration reform.

Numerous debates are being broadcasts regarding the legality of Obama’s proposed
Executive Order on legalizing multi-millions of illegal aliens (undocumented residents)
residing in the United States.

The question that should be on the tip-of-the-tongue of every American — why
is our political erudite elite confused over whether the immigration issue is
legal or illegal?

Many of our elected representatives have advanced degrees from the most prestigious
universities in America. The legislative bodies contain a superabundant amount of
representatives with law degrees and they are well versed in constitutional law.

So — why is determining the legal issue of Executive Orders on immigration reform problematic?

Where is the dilemma?

My layman’s opinion, — It is a problem because the original laws set forth in the
Constitution of the United States of America, and the balance of powers (checks and balances) that are supposed to exist in the three legislative branches have been convoluted.

The past several years of executive orders/actions, operations of law, political
posturing, and a sprinkling of shenanigans has inundated our political/legislative
processes with a labyrinth of tens of thousands of regulations that serve to
“daze and confuse”.

Simply put — The elected official that now occupies the seat of “Commander in Chief”
has more unilateral powers than his predecessors could ever dream about.

Where does the general population fit into the future scheme of things?
That is a very good question — we will have to wait for an answer.

In the meantime, we will have to remain dazed and confused.


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