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Activists In Yemen Reveal Houthi-Saleh Militia’s Crimes

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Yemeni activists shed light on Houthi-Saleh militia’s crimes

 A group of Yemeni activists today organised a conference and an exhibition to shed light on the difficult situation Aden City went through in summer 2015 when the rebel Houthi militia and forces loyal to now-ousted president Ali Abdullah Saleh attacked the city and killed and injured thousands of people and forced hundreds of thousands out of the city.

Public figures, former Egyptian officials and representatives of Egyptian and Arab media attended the “Aden Speaks Up” event which featured a documentary film and photographs showing civilians, in particular women, children and elderly people who were victim of the atrocities committed by the Houhti-Slaeh militias.

The film was presented by activist Aqdar Mukhtar, head of the “Aden Speaks Up” campaign.

In the film, some victims of the attacks described how more than hundreds of thousands of civilians in Aden City were forced to live without water and electricity and suffer diseases.

Mukhtar said the Houthi-Saleh atrocious assault on Aden left more than 1500 people dead, 7000 others injured, displaced more than 800000 civilians, including 200000 children suffering nutrition-related diseases, and deprived 200000 people, including 50000 mothers, of basic healthcare.

Ahmed Al Damani, a Yemeni journalist responsible for the campaign’s media relations, said the Saleh-Houthi militias committed serious human rights abuses including killings of civilians, abductions, torture, arbitrary arrests, looting property, blocking humanitarian aid from reaching besieged civilians, destroying houses, hospitals, mosques and public and private properties by random shelling.

Al Damani demanded that those militiamen be hunted down for violating international law.

{Source: Emirates News Agency – WAM/MMYS}


[photo credits: By Ibrahem Qasim (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons]


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