A Plea – ‘Paris Accord Members’ Please Help The United States

The Climate Change Debate

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Trump’s withdrawal from the ‘Paris Climate Change Accord’ is dominating the international media. I have heard some of the most bizarre rebuttals. No one is happy at the UN. Emotions are running high and tempers are flaring.

Let’s step back from all of the frenzy for a minute. Take the position that we are ‘independent thinkers’ and ‘critical reasoning’ has not been ‘socially engineered’ out of us. Forget about all the geopolitical environmental stuff… put Trump’s decision in your emotional mental parking lot.

Let’s start by breaking it down to the lowest common denominator and basic suppositions. Concentrate on the global warming/environmental problems attributed to the United States.

The United States has been designated as the 2nd biggest carbon emitter polluter on the planet… adding to the global warming effect. If this is the case, then it a no-contest that if the U.S. cleans up its’ greenhouse gases the whole world benefits.

If the ‘international community’ accepts that as a fact then all efforts should be directed at helping the United States to rectify this problem… Instead of asking the U.S. Taxpayers to shell out multi-billions of dollars to other countries to comply with their greenhouse gas ratification commitments made under the Paris Accord.

Let’s use our layman’s ‘common sense’ and think-about/make-some-projections on the futurerelated to correcting environmental problems in the United States.

Can anyone realistically believe that coal will regain its’ number one position as an energy producer? Sorry guys, empirical evidence teaches us that technology and ‘economies of scale’ will be the winners.

Natural Gas currently holds the first position,Coal is in second place, and Renewable Energy comes in third. I cannot envision smoke stacks dotting the landscape billowing fumes without major blow-back from the populace. So forget about the political false narratives used to stroke a segment of voting supporters.

Most U.S. Citizens and Businesses are advocating for more efficient, environment friendly energy systems without any international pressure. U.S. Businesses have developed more socially conscious business models.

The U.S. has large reserves of natural gas. In the interim this should replace the less efficient coal operating plants. However, environmentalists are challenging fracking operations. Which in turn creates a window of opportunity for the renewable energy industry.

If the U.S. would allocate the multi-billions of dollars, committed for expatriation by the previous administration, to U.S. ‘Research and Development’ of sustainable renewable energy sources, then that would accelerate the elimination of greenhouse gases. Even without government assistance, energy-efficient non-polluting products will be developed as there is a market for them. Demand will drive the results.

It might help to direct energy-efficient research by reviewing some of Nikola Tesla’s old patents that are in the possession of the U.S. Government.

If the U.S. Government makes America a ‘Business Friendly’ Country, it would stimulate corporate investing that has been put on hold the past eight years. Hopefully, that would also increase ‘Foreign Direct Investment’ (FDI) in the United States. International corporations establishing energy industries in the U.S. would create jobs and reflect positive on our economy.

As an environmentally conscious U.S. Citizen, I am making a plea to the 195 participating members of the Paris Climate Change Accord to help the U.S. save the planet.

If the ‘Prime Objective’ of the Paris Accord was truly to combat global warming?… not geopolitics, corporate greed, special interests,or globalist power… then start helping the United States… a major emitter of greenhouse gases.

Financial and technical contributions would be greatly appreciated as we are broke (17 Trillion in Debt) due to helping the rest-of-the-world for decades. Stop displaying indignation and start showing gratefulness for our past generosity.

Please start by contacting ‘The Donald’ at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW,Washington, DC 20500

I thank you in advance for your never-ending consideration and gratitude.


George Stewart


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