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October, 2014


Yvoire — French Medieval Town On Lake Geneva

George’s Travel Tidbits


Yvoire, France

A visit to this picture-perfect village with its’ narrow streets is like taking a walk
back through 700 years of history.





Yvoire is situated at the tip of the Leman peninsula on the shore
of lake Geneva (Lac Leman). The Rhones-Alpes Region of France.

Its’ medieval buildings strikingly decorated with beautiful flower arrangements have
earned it accolades for being one of the most beautiful villages in France.

Once of strategic military importance, it was fortified by Amadeus V in the 14th century.

When touring Geneva or any of the other cities located on Lake Geneva,
visiting Yvoire is a nice day trip.

Things you might like to do in Yvoire:
Explore the garden of the five senses.
Eat at one of the many fine restaurants.
Enjoy the moment by Strolling leisurely along the Lac Leman shoreline.
Take a boat ride on the lake.

I occasionally visit Yvoire on my trips to Geneva.

I think it is appropriate to recommend one restaurant.
I love to have a meal at Hotel-Restaurant du Port.
I find it an enjoyable experience in fine dining,
while overlooking the activities on the pier and Lake.

It is refreshing to be served by a cheerful and accommodating staff.
My favorite fish dish is “filet de perche”  — make sure you order
an extra portion of creamy lemon sauce — Bon appetit.
(Hotel-Restaurant du Port’s URL at bottom of article)

If you have your own transportation, it is approximately a 45 minute
scenic drive from Geneva, Switzerland to Yvoire.

Along the way, you will get a great view of neatly trimmed vineyards and fields of sunflowers. 

Don’t forget your passport as you are crossing into France.
I have never been challenged but there is always a first time.

If you are using public transportation, then it is best to take a train
from Geneva, and rail-it-up on the opposite side of the lake, to the town of
Nyon, Switzerland and then cross the lake by ferry to Yvoire, France.

Depending on the time of year and your departure location you may
desire to take one of Lake Geneva’s pleasure boats.

Below I have posted photo’s I took and I have inserted
some Youtube video’s that you might enjoy.

At the bottom of this article I have listed some URL’s that you
can click on to get more information.

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[photo credits – featured image: “Yvoire-château” by Pymouss44 – Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons –]

Yvoire Sur le Leman – posted to Youtube by JPPKeyser

Video of ferry ride from Nyon to Yvoire — posted to Youtube by Toshirozawa

My favorite fish dish starts here
Territory of the Chefs – posted to Youtube by Terroirsdechefs

Cooking filet de perches — posted to Youtube by SuperEric1967



Antique Boat Rally on Lake Geneva – Posted to Youtube by Martine Bocquet

Garden of the five senses

Train from Geneva and connect to ferry in Nyon

Pleasure boats on Lake Geneva



Hotel – Restaurant du Port







Photo’s I took in Yvoire

IMG_1091IMG_1075IMG_1090 IMG_1094 IMG_1100IMG_1105IMG_1101 IMG_1104IMG_1081 IMG_1071IMG_1083

Monday Inspirational Quote — 27October2014

Start the week thinking


To be ignorant of one’s ignorance is the malady of the ignorant.”

– Amos Bronson Alcott

TSA Finds A Cannon

George’s Travel Tidbits

The United States Transportation Security Administration In Action.

The TSA reports that the week ending 24October2014,
they confiscated 51 firearms. Thirty Four were loaded and thirteen
had rounds in the chamber.

In addition, they found 12 stun guns.

The most unusual find this week was at Maui, Hawaii — Kahului Airport.
They discovered an unloaded cannon barrel in checked baggage.

The TSA continues to find inert grenades and other weaponry on
a weekly basis.

Read more…

TSA prohibited items

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then click on URL

Video – the TSA find strange things – posted to Youtube by Wayne news channel 15



Russian President Putin’s Speech at Valdai International Discussion Club

A Speech given at the Valdai International Discussion Club
by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

I was alerted to the content of this speech by the Oriental Review.
(I have their RSS feed on this Blog)

After reading Putin’s Speech and giving it some independent thought, I
considered the content will be of value to my diversified readership in 48 countries.

I decided to post the speech in its’ entirety on Open Eyes Opinion.
Please click on the URL at the bottom of the page for redirection to the speech
published in English.

Open Eyes Opinion is in its’ initial stage of development and is gaining readership.
In addition to my political commentaries and travel tidbits, in the future, I will
add more world affairs articles.

The world affairs content on this blog is my attempt, as a citizen journalist, to
disseminate information to opened minded, world-wise individuals who like to
keep abreast of what is happening around the globe.— News that you may not find
on your home country’s mainstream media.

I am slowly but surely finding publications that I feel deserve constant exposure on my Blog.
I have inserted RSS feeds on my home page and news page for readers convenience.
The intent is to be a daily one stop, quick glance at the globe – if you find something interesting
then you can follow the link to the news topic.

At the present it is mostly North American and European publications.
In the future, I will have RSS news feeds from every continent posted on this blog.

By my posting the information that is contained in these publications it is not my
endorsement of the content published. I may agree or disagree with the subject matter.
However, I believe in their right to express their opinion.

(Read my profile on the about page)

I have open eyes and an open mind and think it is beneficial to look at all sides
of an argument before formulating an opinion.

Those who have eyes will see – those who have ears will hear.

Independent thought and reasoning lead to a belief system, they also lead
to revision of those beliefs.

In the spirit of Civilitas


I strongly recommend you read Putin’s speech.
The Main Topic “The World Order: New Rules or No Rules”
We need a new global consensus of responsible powers’

[The Valdai Discussion Club was established in 2004.
It was named after Lake Valdai, which is located close to Veliky, Novgorod,
where the club’s first meeting took place. The clubs’ goal is to
promote dialogue between Russian and international intellectual elite, and
to make an independent, unbiased scientific analysis of political, economic and
social events in Russia and the rest of the world.]

Please click on the URL — Putin’s Speech at Valdai International Discussion Club.

Note to email recipients, if your browser does not upload
the video then click on URL

Video of Meeting

Monday Inspirational Quote — 20October2014

Start the week thinking

Because today we live in a society in which spurious realities are manufactured by the media, by governments, by big corporations, by religious groups, political groups… So I ask, in my writing, What is real? Because unceasingly we are bombarded with pseudo-realities manufactured by very sophisticated people using very sophisticated electronic mechanisms. I do not distrust their motives; I distrust their power. They have a lot of it. And it is an astonishing power: that of creating whole universes, universes of the mind. I ought to know. I do the same thing.” 

— Philip K Dick, Science Fiction Writer

One Young World Summit 2014 —— Delegates Graduate and become Ambassadors

Dublin, Ireland — Says Goodbye to One Young World Summit 2014

Dublin proved to be a gracious host for the prestigious event.

One Young World Summit ended 18th of October and the new “Ambassadors” are
traveling back home to their perspective countries.

The Delegates and Counselors have participated in three full days of activities.
The curriculum addressed topics on human rights, political participation, sports,
opportunity, education, democracy —- and much more.

It was a life changing event for the young delegates.
The delegates made new friends from around the world
and enhanced their personal network of acquaintances.

They leave Dublin with many new memories — that will be embedded
for the duration of their life.

One of the most touching and compelling speeches that was given by a delegate,
was by a young North Korean girl describing her life in North Korea and her escape to freedom.

A One Young World delegate in attendance sent me a video and commented
on the speech:
“This video does not even hit the emotion that was in the room. The person who presented her was sobbing before she even began to speak- the whole room was in utter tears throughout her speech and stood for over 5 minutes applauding her at the end- definitely the best speech of the summit from a delegate! “

Note to email recipients if your browser does not upload videos
then click on URL

Videos posted to Youtube by One Young World

Escape from North Korea to freedom

Dublin welcomes One Young World delegates 2014

Highlights of opening One Young World 2014

Ebola Travel Bans

More African countries placing travel bans from Ebola infected areas.

Approximately thirty African Nations have instituted Ebola travel restrictions.

The African Nations instituting a travel ban are just putting on a band-aid.

If they want to address the Ebola issue, then they need to implement a cultural mind re-set in Africans.

If the etiological agent of Ebola is transmitted through fruit bats, chimpanzees, and bush meat — then that
is where you need to start combating the disease — not wait until you have millions infected.

If the African Citizens refuse to stop eating “infected monkey meat”
then travel bans are an “exercise in futility”.

If you cannot stop people from pulling out a monkey head from
a boiling pot and chomping on it.
Then Houston — you got a problem.

An analogy to that “mentality” would be to try to contain that
“other disease”, that originated in Africa (HIV-Virus) — people
fornicating and refusing to use prophylactics.
I ain’t going to get it mindset.

Stupid is as Stupid does — and the rest of the World has to suffer
for that stupidity.

Yesterday, I received an email press release from the White House
ensuring the populace not to worry about Ebola spreading.
Advising that in the US it is difficult to get infected with Ebola and a few reasons
were bullet pointed. I crumpled it up and tossed it in the round file.

With my limited medical knowledge — US Navy Hospital Corps circa 63-67
I am having a problem understanding the White House Logic — if there is any.
To the best of my knowledge, there has not been a physical disease
that has mutated into aerobic.

However, I consider that remark playing a game of semantics.
Think “droplets” dispersed by the infected person — could it be transmitted
through sneezing that spews droplets in the air and/or perspiration drops
on the skin that are left on items that come into contact with the skin?

I strongly suspect that it can.

I travel to Europe several times a year and have noticed the rapid and dramatic
change in demographics. I just got back from Switzerland, France, and Spain.
There is an influx of Africans into the European continent and a healthy percentage do not enter through regulated immigration processes.

These “Talking Heads” that are using Ebola for political posturing,
better start pulling their heads out of where the sun doesn’t shine and
accept the fact that we are in the early stages of a pandemic.

They should start asking the right questions and look for the right solutions
for this dilemma.

In this scenario Common Sense needs to override Political Correctness.
My previous Ebola article 15Oct,

Note email recipients: if you cannot view video in your browser then click on URL
Video Ebola posted to Youtube by – The Cosmos News

One Young World — Dublin 2014

Today Dublin opened its’ city gates to the One Young World Summit.

One Young World Delegates, from around the world, hit the streets of Dublin tonight.

I am the proud father of one of the young lady delegates representing
Barclays Wealth Switzerland.

The future Leaders and Stewards of the World (delegates) will be mixing with
World Leaders from various disciplines – the global movers and shakers that have already demonstrated their leadership qualities and have set the example for others to emulate.

After the Summit is over the delegates will become ambassadors for One Young World and “Pay it Forward”.

Congratulation to all the young delegates in attendance.
The future Stewardship of the world is in your hands.
Take your responsibilities seriously and maintain a global mindset.

Steer us in the right direction – move us forward toward a planetary civilization.
Wishing you “fair winds and following seas”.



One Young World

Irish Times

Note email recipients: if your browser does not upload the video then click on URL

Video One Young World posted to Youtube by — bobcoggins11

Ebola — The Sixty Day Countdown

Ebola Questions:

Ebola has been around for approximately forty years.

Why the explosive outbreak now and why did it occur simultaneously
in certain African urban areas?

What is the current origin of the disease?

Trying to deal with the infected person and prevention of the infected person spreading
Ebola is one problem. However, what attempts are being made to isolate the causative factors?
(Fruit Bats, Chimpanzees, Bush Meat, etc.)

Who has been doing past research to combat the Ebola etiological agent?
Have they been contacted by the UN, WHO, and unbiased Medical Organizations?

What experimental drugs are waiting approval from regulatory agencies?
(Now is not the time for regulatory red tape — it is the time to try ANYTHING
— as the odds are against surviving the disease).

Why did the US send 3500 military personnel to Africa?
Is there a logical rationale for their deployment?
How many are performing relevant purposeful duties?
How many will contact the disease and import it into the US?

Will the disease mutate from being transmitted by physical contact to
aerobic transmission?

Will terrorist organizations start using this disease as a weapon for Jihad?

This is a major global dilemma and should be treated as such.
The UN, WHO, Federal Agencies, Medical/Pharmaceutical Research Centers
should be working 24/7 on the issue.

This is no time for political finger pointing or corporate special interest strategies.

The Global Community should come together with the “commonality of purpose”
to find a solution to the upcoming pandemic and prevent millions of deaths and economic disaster.

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Video bush meat posted to Youtube by — Elite NWO Agenda

Video posted to Youtube by – RT


Venice, Italy — The Romantic City

 George’s Travel Tidbits

 Venice, Italy


Venice, Italy – The Jewel of The Adriatic

Your travel “Dream Sheet” should include Venice. There is just something special about this city that cannot be put into words. The best way to describe Venice is that it has a certain feeling — a romantic feeling.

Venice is a fantastic place for the newly wed, older married couples
reliving younger years and those singles that are paired in a serious relationship.

This trip I stayed on Lido Island so I could get a panoramic view of
the Grand Canal and get a little “quiet time” away from the tourists.

Lido island is a barrier island that separates the Venetian Lagoon from the Adriatic Sea. Lido is home to the Venice Film Festival. It has nice hotels, a trendy residential area, great restaurants and a sandy beach.

Lido is serviced by regularly scheduled public boat service. Dozens of bicycles are stacked at the boat station,
as many of the island residents commute daily to Venice central.

Sitting on an outside balcony of a boutique hotel on Lido di Venezia, sipping a nice red wine after having a delicious Italian dinner, while observing the Venice Grand Canal night lights and watching the cruise ships transit the harbor — that is what I call living-life-large.

Venice is a big tourist destination — so do your homework and book hotels and attractions in advance.

There is a lot of Venice tourist information available on the internet so I
will not go into details in this “Travel Tidbit”. However, I will direct you to some
information at the bottom of this article, post some photos I took and
embed some videos. ( You might want to bookmark this article for future reference)

Getting around Venice is easy — take a boat.
If you are flying into Venice, when you exit the airport terminal, take a left
and follow the pathway down to the small boat harbor.
You can purchase tickets and hop on your boat from there.

This is where your homework is going to pay off.
Water Buses (Vaporetto’s) are much cheaper than water taxis and I utilized them frequently during my stay in Venice.
You can buy a several day pass and use the boats like a hop-on hop-off bus to
explore the canals.

I strongly suggest using the Vaporetto (ACTV) as you will save money and enjoy boating around Venice and the neighboring Islands. Depending on the length of your stay you can decide which ticket is best for you.

At the bottom of this article I have included information on three islands in the Venice lagoon… Lido, Burano, and Murano.

Enjoy your trip


Note to email recipients: if your browser will not upload photos and
videos then click on URL

Venice Tourist Board Information

Venice water boat information and routes Vaporetto (ACTV)

VIDEO: Venice Video Posted to Youtube by — Stuart’s HQ Travel Videos

Lido Island information

VIDEO: Lido Island Video posted to Youtube by – facingcities



Burano Island information

VIDEO: Burano Island Video posted to Youtube by – remark008

Murano Island information


VIDEO: Murano Island Video posted to Youtube by – Stuart’s HQ Travel Videos


A few photos that I took



















Monday Inspirational Quote – 13October2014

Start the week thinking

If you are patient in one moment of anger, you will escape a hundred days of sorrow.

-Chinese Proverb

Monday Inspirational Quote – 06October2014

Start the week thinking

Life is pretty simple: You do some stuff.

Most fails.

Some works.

You do more of what works.

If it works big, others quickly copy it.

Then you do something else.

The trick is the doing something else.

Leonardo da Vinci