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August, 2014


Burger King Hops Over The Border

Open Eyes Opinion

Corporate Inversions


Unfortunately for the US, this trend of “Inversion” is likely to continue.

The argument put forth by some politicians regarding the corporate
nominal tax rate versus the effective tax rate is a valid point.
In that respect it may seem that the Burger King move to Canada is not
a substantial tax savings.

However, the BK merger goes beyond the tax savings gained by relocating to Canada.

The merger will end the US taxation on BK’s revenue from world wide operations and
that will be a substantial savings.

That is a big incentive for other US based MNC’s to re-evaluate the benefit of
headquartering in the United States.

I suspect, that one concern that is not being openly discussed is that corporations
do not trust the current US government — they may be afraid of their business being
overregulated and/or nationalized. Also, they may be detecting a pattern of “selective prosecutions” when
the government levies corporate fines and penalties.

There is also the possibility that the corporations are disgusted with government wasteful
spending of tax revenue inside of the US and the expatriation of billions of those tax dollars
to foreign countries with little or no audit trail.

If you want an eye-opener scrutinize the State Departments “read outs” from January to
August of this year — how many billions of tax dollars have been pledged to
countries on the African Continent. Maybe, US corporations believe that this is not
the “highest and best use of tax revenue” derived from their corporate profits.
They may consider that US nation building should be a priority.

Inversion will create a big sucking sound being emitted from the US banking system.
Do you think that these MNC’s departing the US is going to leave billions in the
US banks drawing negative interest?

This will drop straight down to loss of disposable income for the US citizen.

The loss of corporate tax revenue will have to be replaced — probably by increased
individual income taxes or the creation of new consumption taxes. I imagine the
first desperate move would be higher federal taxes on gasoline followed by a long
line of government revenue generated by esoteric confiscation of citizen wealth.

The US, directly or indirectly, is importing millions of unemployed individuals
that immediately are absorbed into the “Welfare Borg”. They need the big bucks
to support this ever increasing monster drain on federal tax revenue.

The US leaders will probably react to this trend of inversions by creating new
regulations, laws, penalties, etc. — like they did with high wealth US citizens
giving up their US citizenship and ‘booking out’ of the United States.
(Alternate tax scheme for expatriated individuals)

Will a knee jerk reaction from national leaders overstep legal boundaries?
Are they going to create legislation that limits the mobility of corporations?
Will this set a precedent and trickle down to increased capital controls and
restrictions on mobility of private US citizens?

We, in the US, will start hearing on the mainstream media news, that is pipe-lined from
capitol hill, that inversion is an atrocious unpatriotic act. This will incite the masses of
the unthinking to declare they will boycott the products of the exiting corporations.

I imagine this boycott will be short lived, with Burger King — Americans love their
adipose tissue building diets.

I have been doing a little sentiment analysis of the average US citizen’s 
reaction to corporations leaving the US to reduce their tax liability.

My Question: Please answer yes or no
Q. Do you think it is unpatriotic for corporations to seek out tax reducing strategies?
A. Yes, it is unpatriotic

My response, OK — You are a great patriot—do your patriotic duty next time you
file your federal tax returns and do not claim any deductions or exemptions.
Their response, an empty stare and a deer caught in the headlight facial expression.

The questions that we should be asking — is what can we do to create incentive
for corporations to stay in the United States and entice ‘foreign direct investment’ in the US?

What is the ‘commonality of purpose’ of  high wealth citizens looking for ‘capital preservation’  by expatriating or setting up offshore trusts? … greed or fear of predatory Government tax policies? (Distribution of Wealth)

The US government is always obsessed with the end results of a problem and avoids addressing the causative factors.




Nota bene:

Three (G) a Brazilian global investment firm acquired Burger King in year 2010.

Email recipients if you cannot view video in
your browser then click URL

Video – Vintage Burger King — Have it your way
Posted to Youtube by Haikarate4



Russia gets more Sanctions

Sanctions placed on Russia due to the Ukraine crisis.

Our national attention has again been diverted away from the Ukraine crisis, and
other matters of global importance, to issues of an inferred, yet to be proven,
racially motivated civil rights violation by a white police officer in small town America.

Top national officials and their large entourage of selected participants ,financed by
taxpayers dollars, have swooped down on the town with open talons.

Our leaders have set their priorities and I assume that the mainstream media will be
preoccupied with the on-going legal and civil rights investigations.

Leaving the world-wide consortium of alternate news opinion writers to research,
observe, exchange and disseminate information on critical world affairs matters to those
that have ears.

Will the coordinated sanctions by the US and EU participants have any major impact on Russia?

Before we get into that, we need to accept the fact that there are those across the pond that
consider this crisis a result of subversive NATO activities in the region that prodded Putin to
take action.

Did NATO get caught with its’ hand in the cookie jar and that blew up old mother Russia’s dress?

That belief will be discussed back channels — especially by the multinational corporations
that are becoming the unintended victims of the sanctions — they will be putting their
elected officials under the microscope. The MNC’s have tremendous political clout.

I suspect that this whole idea of sanctioning Russia has not been thought through by
seasoned global strategists.

It will strengthen the resolve of Anti-US opponents to eliminate
the US dollar as the world’s reserve currency as it gives the US too much power.
The trading in USD (petrodollar) for oil will come under attack again.
The above two items, if eliminated, will have far reaching effects on the US economy.

Regardless of what we may hear in the western media, at the end-of-the-day, the outcome
of the sanctions may have minimal consequences for Russia. It will allow Russia to identify weaknesses
in their infrastructure and economy which they can shore-up and protect from future aggressions.

Russia will be forced to enhance their strategic alliance with China.
“The enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

Russia may be reluctant to side-up with China on certain issues. However, necessity is
the mother of invention — and Russia “is” reinventing itself.

The past few years Russia has been going around the globe and filling the holes left by
failed US geopolitical strategies.

While the US has been busy “Twerking” — Russia has been actively creating new alliances
in Europe, South America, Caribbean, Central America, Africa and a multitude of regions.

These new alliances can be “Docked” with the Russia China Strategic Partnership (RCSP)
— which will further diminish US geopolitical power.

China can help Russia circumvent the sanctions. China has a contiguous border
with Russia. Transportation supply chains and fly overs can be controlled between
the two countries.

China manufactures EVERYTHING.
Russia and China can trade in the currencies of the two countries.
Each country has something the other wants — they will become symbiotic.

If worse comes to worse then they can enter “Barter-ville” — doing deals like China
did with Iran to circumvent sanctions— gold for oil, etc.

I imagine that when the Ukraine crisis gets resolved that the behind-the-scene
orchestrator of a resolution settlement will be the multinational corporations
who have managed to rein in their political lap dogs.

The world citizenry may never know what incident “actually pulled-the-pin” to ignite
the Ukraine conflict.

We will just be the observers of more needless death and destruction.

Back to the USA:
It is getting increasingly more difficult to get any unbiased observations about world events
in the US mainstream media.
I have to spend more time doing research and sentiment analysis on information streams
outside of the US to find out what is happening in America and how the rest the world
is responding to the events.

In my attempts to understand the mentality of our political leaders on the US nightly news,
all that I hear is blithering inaudible dialogue — jabberwocky and neologisms created by
politically correct double-speak advocates.

World leaders need to project an image that instills confidence in the global community
that they have the ability to effectuate positive change — that they possess the
“world-wise acumen” to deal with global conflicts and formulate resolutions.

When world leaders take the stage in foreign countries, they need to engage in
dialogue that has geopolitical substance. Not preach from a pulpit in Malaysia
that it is unacceptable that an old cowboy in the middle of the Mojave desert mumbled
the word Negro — or on diplomatic trips, costing the taxpayers millions of dollars, constantly
lace speeches about the history of slavery and civil rights issues in the US.

I do not think those issues resonate as a matter of global importance to most heads of state.
They are challenged with addressing more serious real-world problems and they expect
visiting diplomats to show concern and be knowledgeable in those areas.

A nations strength and stability is all about the quality of government management.

You can draw an analogy between a corporation that produces products that are
known to be defective and a sovereign state that produces weak dysfunctional policies.
The consumer on one hand — and the geopolitical community on the other hand —
will not have any confidence in the Corporation/Government producing
useless goods/policies.

How does the rest of the world view the US today?
Not the same as they did a few years ago, that is a given.
They probably consider the US is a nation that has inherited, developed, and
harvested multi-millions of voters that do not have any sense of nation or self preservation.

Are other nations going to start distancing themselves from the US?

Will we see ourselves being shunned diplomatically?

Are we getting elbowed out of the global room ,like little adolescent miscreants,
because we cannot bring anything worthwhile to the adult geopolitical table?

Are the “markers” going to start emerging in the form of new strategic alliances
that will not include the United States of America?

The above questions will be answered by actions taken in the next couple of years.

Watch the Videos below

Note: email recipients if you cannot display the below videos in your browser
then click on the website URL.

The new silk road will evolve into a major trade supply chain infrastructure.

Russia China Trade – posted to Youtube by RT

China Border Town Booms — posted to Youtube by CNN




America’s Geopolitical Ineptitude

Has the US taken a sabbatical leave from World Affairs?

Our allies who have, for decades, relied on us for military and economic support are
getting a little more than just disconcerted by our unwillingness to take our place at the
round table that contributes “seasoned adult suggestions” to geopolitical solutions.

World leaders are tasked with maintaining continuity of their nation as a sovereign state
by establishing sound fiscal policies, supporting their military, and ensuring
national security. This includes establishing strategic military and economic alliances.

The United States of America ,in the past, has been the country that has set the example
for democratic sovereign states to emulate. The US Constitution is thoroughly studied
around the globe and the founding principles are considered the cornerstone on which a
free nation is built upon.

Other nations intelligence agencies shadow every move that the United States make.
They know much more about America’s situation than the average US Citizen who only
receives “directed” or “canned” news.

Our allies and other countries are questioning:
Why do our leaders seal their personal records and obscure their past associations.?
Why is it getting more difficult for the press to access federal agencies?
Why did we reduce our nuclear arsenal by 50%?
Why are we reducing funding and downsizing our military?
Why are we leaving our borders wide open?
Why are seasoned military officers and diplomats being made redundant?
Why is there gridlock in our legislative processes?
Why are political speeches constantly being laced with racial rhetoric?
Why aren’t we adhering to our constitutional laws?
Why do we have an unaccountable fiscal policy of irresponsible spending?
Why are our politicians preoccupied and bogged down with social injustice themes?
Why are we allowing our population base to be overloaded with illegal immigrants?
Why do American Corporations want to relocate headquarters outside of the US (Inversion)?
Why are wealthy citizens giving up their citizenship and leaving America?
…… and the list of questions goes on… for eternity and beyond.

I suspect that the results of our allies current situation analysis of the US lead to one
conclusion — and that is — they need to re-think their alliance with America
— lest they also start circling the drain.

They have probably concluded that our national leaders are living in a self created
parallel universe — encapsulated in a make believe two dimensional world of
black and white — and social re-ordering, at any cost, is necessary to achieve self fulfilling
utopian prophecies. All other matters of real world importance are just an irritating
nuisance that distracts from their ideological objectives.

American political leaders have drifted into thick soft clouds of “touchy feely” politically correct
domestic policies which secludes them from reality. They do not realize that they
have actually entered a layer of ozone.

There can be no valid argument against the fact that over the past few years, due to a variety of reasons,
America has become a weaker nation in dire need of a panacea.

Other nations evaluating the future US political scene do not paint a pretty picture.
They probably express doubts that a political candidate will come upon the stage to re-set the US.
A lot of the damage done over the past few years is irreparable.

Thus, new global geopolitical strategies are in full play now.
How will the world political alliance map, look in the next few years?

Things are going to change — change in all directions.

In the future will America have a seat at the global chess table — or will we be out of the game?

China’s ever growing economic and military power, control over the rare earth element supply chain, and establishing a strategic relationship with Russia — has created a formidable opponent to the
US standing as a dominant geopolitical influence.

I expect the “Russia China Strategic Partnership” (RCSP) to rapidly evolve into one of the most
predominant threats to US geopolitical power.
I predict that other nations, out of economic necessity, will start “docking” with the RCSP.

I encourage you to read the two part article below that was published in the Oriental Review.
The article was written by Andrew Korybko who is the American political correspondent
for Voice of Russia. He currently lives and studies in Moscow.

George Stewart

Russia China Strategic Partnership (RCSP) Part One

RCSP Part Two

Monday’s Inspirational Quote – 25August2014

Start the week thinking


With every deed you are sowing a seed, though the harvest you may not see.

 – Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Racial Discord in America

Small Town Ferguson, Missouri — a Microcosm of America

I am not going to expound on the progression of events in Ferguson.
There is enough media coverage of that.
At the bottom of the page is a URL to UK Daily Mail to get
other country news reporting on the incident.

I want to address the issue of the increasing racial discord in the
United States and what mindset is becoming prevalent in the Black Communities.

From the very beginning of this incident there seemed to be the perception
from the African American residents of Ferguson that justice would not prevail.
Before any factoids were presented with the results of an investigation.

A violent lynch mob mentality … and panic is the most contagious disease.

That detrimental attitude is permeating the black communities in America.
A deep seated perception of being constantly persecuted by White America.

Here is a National dilemma … Democracy versus the Republic.
In a Democracy — a car thief is caught by vigilantes and hung from
the nearest tree because the majority of the vigilantes wanted it so.
In a Republic — the citizens stand up and enforce the right of the individual
to an investigation and ,if necessary, a fair trial.

Unfortunately, The belief that race relations in the US would improve
under the Obama administration was another fabricated Utopian myth.

It appears race relations in America have steadily gotten worse since 2008.

Every time you watch TV, listen to the radio, read a newspaper
it is all about racial diversity issues and people attempting to elbow
their way to a permanent position in the front of the line.

If Blacks would use reason instead of emotion, then they would
realize that they have had that privileged entitlement for several decades.

I do not have any unrealistic expectations that this will ever improve.
Too many politicians, race baiters and misguided ideologue
educators will keep on fermenting hatred and dividing the races.

Step back and analyze the situation from an unbiased perspective and the
conclusion will be that whites are being “marginalized” in America.

Blacks are constantly being subtly propagandized/socially engineered to resent whites.

Sad but true — wish it was different — but it isn’t — and it will not be.

It would take several generations of “right thinking” to correct the problem.

The bottom line is that no one in the United States will address the issues — the
causative factors — they only address the end result of racial discord.

The behind the scenes activity that is probably taking place on Capitol Hill is that
they consider the solution to the problem is forced integration into whitopia.
Some academic theorists are proponents of this and there are advocates
creating and implementing strategies.

It is a possibility “those in power” consider non-blacks living in marshmallow land a form of racial
segregation that needs to be rectified.

They completely avoid addressing the factoid that white flight is not entirely due to skin color
— it is due to the fact that a certain percentage of Blacks exhibit violent cultural
behavior that is not acceptable to most people.
That is why non-blacks uproot, pack up and leave their homes.

You need to find the root of that problem.
Why does that problem exist?
It is not all about the evil white man getting ready to jump out from behind a bush.

If you address the root of the problem, then you are progressing towards a solution.
If you ignore it, then you are just relocating the problem and not solving it.

Look for factoids instead of believing fictitious political rhetoric and false narratives.

Study the empirical evidence.

Questions: Behavioral Differences
What if — one of the black Ferguson police officers had shot a
white teenager?
Would the white residents of Ferguson start burning and looting?
Would white right wing national leaders swarm Ferguson and the news media?
Would the KKK and white supremacists converge on the city?
Would the whites demand that the black police officer be found guilty without
an investigation?
Would it have become a national political issue?

Do the people out there, that are fomenting, ever consider the possibility that this is not a racial incident?

The rest of the world is observing America

Read article in UK Daily Mail…

Monday’s Inspirational Quote – 18August2014

Start the week thinking


“The truth is not always beautiful, nor beautiful words the truth”
– Lao Tzu


China’s Rare Earth Comparative Advantage

China’s Ace in The Hole – Rare Earth Elements

Rare earth elements get limited exposure in the media.
However, it is a major concern in geopolitical circles and citizens should be made aware of the global situation.

The intent of this article is to disseminate non-technical information regarding the
global dispute over rare earth elements — and instill in the general population
the reality that the U.S. and other nations must support rare earth miners and
vertical integration of the products.

Most citizens are unaware of the crucial importance of a nation’s
ability to ensure access to an uninterrupted supply chain of rare earths.

This grouping of 17 rare earth elements (on the periodic table) is critical to production
in many industries. They are further subdivided into heavy and light rare earths.

The U.S. used to hold the dominant position in rare earth mining and metallurgy to produce the end products.

America lost the industry to China because of inability to compete with China’s low prices.

China now controls approximately 90-95% of the rare earth market.
The rest-of-the-world world (ROW) is reliant on China for production and distribution
of the elements. This gives China a big advantage — a gigantic geopolitical leverage.

The below is a list of “some of the uses/products” that require rare earth elements:
metallurgy & alloys, glass polishing, chemical catalysts, permanent magnets, phosphors,
compounds in batteries that power electric vehicles, cell phones, TV’s, cameras,
rechargeable batteries, night vision goggles, precision-guided weapons, communications
equipment, GPS equipment,batteries for a slew of defense electronics, aerospace components,
mercury-vapor lamps, microwave filters, energy efficient light bulbs, spark plugs, gas mantles,
additive to steel, fluid catalytic cracking catalyst for oil refineries, chemical oxidizing agent,
lasers, enamels, welding goggles, ceramic capacitors, nuclear batteries, neutron capture,
fluorescent lamps, x-ray tubes, computer memories, MRI contrast agent, magnetostrictive alloys,
spectrophotometers, fiber optic technology, vanadium steel, x-ray machines, stainless steel,
nuclear medicine ,microphones, fuel cells, nuclear reactor control rods, shielding in nuclear
reactors, nuclear marine propulsion, high temperature superconductors, integrated circuit manufacturing, cancer treatment drugs …. the list goes on and on and on.

Basically… all high technology items need these elements.
“If” we are unable to obtain them — then in a very short time period the normal
functioning of our society, as we know it, will come to a screeching halt.

It will affect communications, banking, medical, utilities, military and national security operations.

There will be mass confusion and hysteria — our systems in the U.S. will become dysfunctional.
We will rapidly devolve into social disintegration.

The modern world has evolved to such technological heights that it has placed itself in a dilemma.
We have become over-reliant on technology to function on a day-to-day basis.

How would your personal life be without computers, telecommunications or transportation?

Approximately five years ago China announced that it was going to restrict its’ rare earth exports.
This kicked over an anthill and “Heads of States” were sending envoys scampering all over the globe
to secure a non-China supply chain of rare earths. There is not much out there in production.

The realization set in that the rest-of-the-world (ROW) had left itself vulnerable and at the
mercy of China.

The leaders of industrialized nations got caught with their pants down and red faces.
They had traded their national security for China’s cheap labor and lack of environmental
controls to supply them with the critically needed rare earths. They falsely assumed that
this arrangement and supply would be everlasting.

This “crisis” stimulated the investment world and start up non-China rare earth miners
found new financial avenues open to fund their projects. Those that have junior miners
in their investment portfolio (like me) considered this a once in a life time investment opportunity.

The two major rare earth miners/vertical integrators coming online, at that time, were Molycorp
in U.S. and Lynas in Australia. Both corporations eventually got up and running, but for a
variety of reasons ran into unexpected cash burn and share dilution. This resulted in losses
for most of the institutional and retail investors that went for “high risk-high gain”.

These two non-China rare earth miners coming online did not put a dent in China’s
dominance of the industry. There is a global scattering of non-China rare earth miners
attempting to get in the market. However, if they succeed it will be a few years in the future
before they are in full operational mode.

The ROW desperately tried to correct their lack of foresight and in desperation took their
case against China to the World Trade Organization (WTO) for dispute settlement.
The dispute resolutions went against China.

China then started using work-arounds such as the necessity for domestic stockpiling
,consolidation and regulatory constraints on their rare earth miners/processors, environmental
concerns and their attempt to eradicate illegal rare earth miners in China — to justify
imposing  taxes and fees on the exporting of rare earth.

The ROW challenged this as a violation of trade/tariff agreements and complaints
were again filed with the WTO that China was unfairly using export taxes and quotas
to restrict trade in rare earths. So… back to Geneva.

This resulted in more rounds at the WTO dispute resolution table.
Last week the WTO again ruled against China.

The U.S. trade representative was quoted, in Reuters, saying that this is the end of the dispute.

My opinion — the recent results of the China versus the WTO rare earth dispute is a pseudo-win.
If the U.S. Trade Representative actually stated – “this report makes the end of the line for this dispute…..”?

Then I think he is playing to the audience or is living a life of denial.

I am surprised that he did not tear off a piece of cardboard and write on it with a
black marker — “We Love You China” — take a selfie and broadcast it worldwide.
That is the current U.S. administrations idea of a foreign policy strategy.

You can deny reality, but you cannot deny the consequences of reality.

The WTO/ROW is playing a game of checkers with the Chinese and all the while
China is getting its’ “shits and giggles” as the actual game being played is Wei-ch’i.

I have mentioned numerous times, over several years that it does not make any
difference how many laws, regulations, agreements that are put into place —
if they are not complied with then they are useless.

China will find work-arounds and I suspect it will be domestic regulatory programs
that will be passed down the rare earths supply chain as compliance costs.

Anyone who is a rare earth advocate knows that the solution is for individual
nations to support and encourage REE mining and development to protect the
continuity of their industries, military, national security. etc.

The USTR pounding his chest and spewing dialogue suggesting that the WTO decision is
a victory for the U.S.?? — This is no time for hubris — He should be “sounding the alarm”
that it would only take a shift in the winds to create a major geopolitical event resulting
in China shutting off the rare earth spigot.

That could easily be accomplished by China deciding to cancel its’ membership in the WTO.
China is already in the process of setting up bi-lateral trade agreements that trade in the
currencies of the two participating countries.
Thus, bypassing international trade (SWIFT) transactions based in USD.

I anticipate a Chinese strategy that will move more aggressively against the U.S. dollar
being the world’s reserve currency and an attempt to replace the petrodollar.

The Big Hammer and Sickle is in China’s hand.

If this happens, then those rare earth advocates out there trying to drive some sense
into closed minds — will not take any solace in saying “I told you so” — it will
be too late and we will enter the house of pain.

The Global leaders are not learning from their past mistakes.

“Learning is like rowing upstream, not to advance is to drop back” – Chinese Proverb

George Stewart

Nota bene
I recommend the below website .
For more technical analysis and expert commentaries on rare earths and other topics,
such as investment intelligence, then please visit Tracy Weslosky’s
informative website InvestorIntel






Monday Inspirational Quote – 11August2014

Start the week thinking

The longest sword, the strongest lungs, the most voices, are false measures of truth. – Benjamin Whichcote

The Common Core Debate Goes On

Common Core Education Standards – The Debate Goes On

The below commentary(URL), at red alert weekend edition, suggests that due to America’s chronic failure at educational reform programs — that common core will experience the same fate.

I wish this were so.

However, I consider common core a quasi-educational program peppered with
ideological auto-suggestions and it will end up rewriting history.

My opinion is that common core will fail only if the parent advocacy groups and
teachers unions that oppose the program succeed in their efforts.

Past years were different — America has been transformed — the mindset of
a lot of the populace has changed. Many educators are emotionally aligned with this
educational ideology.

The orchestrators of common core have ensured that the programs will be implemented
by financially supporting them with tons of money.

Other forms of education… such as home schooling, private schools,charter schools,
religious schools are being subverted — in the future the college entrance exams
will be based on knowledge obtained in the common core educational system.

This will establish a barrier to entry to those not schooled in the common core system.

Ten years from now, how will the U.S. students rank academically against other countries?
See the below URL for statistics compiled by the National Center of Education Statistics.
We are already on the bottom of some of the lists … in a few years we will be dropped off the lists.

Get ready for a whole new generation of “Pavlov’s Dogs” that have been taught that
reading,writing,arithmetic,speaking,science … basically, independent thinking in general
is considered “old school” and irrelevant.
It serves no purpose in our new society as your leaders will direct you
through your life span.

The older “marginalized” generation had better start learning “new speak” or you will not be able
to communicate with the youth.


Read more and view video ….

Compare the U.S. students with other countries
Scroll down to 2013 specifics
National Center for Education Statistics.(NCES)


Executive Orders and more Executive Orders

More executive orders on their way?

Yesterday, at the U.S./African Conference our leader suggested, if he cannot
get congress approval, that he is prepared to act unilaterally on the two contentious
issues now in congress. (Immigration Reform and Corporate Inversion)

Maybe, instead of attempting to restrict mobility of American high wealth citizens
and corporations — we should address what is motivating this exodus and what we
can do to create incentives for them to stay.

What is the root of the problem? — fear of nationalism?

Placing more regulations, penalties, capital controls and barriers to exit is not
addressing the problem. It will just create more incentive for them to find strategies
to get out from under the tentacles of government predatory practices.

It is clearly evident that Corporate America is concerned about the loss of laissez faire
and continuity of their business enterprises. I surmise that their business intelligence
and trend analysis indicates that they need to relocate outside the country to operate in
a more business friendly environment.

If our leaders are truly concerned about the loss of corporate tax revenue and private capital leaving the
country then I would think they would stop spending the taxpayer dollars in other countries.
So far this year how many billions have been pledged to African countries?
Read the State Department press releases after one of their many globe-trotting adventures.

This current event about inversion is disturbing and is indicative of the multitude of
problems that the nation will face in the future.

I am waiting to get my weekly laugh.
I have not heard it yet, but I know it is at the front of a socially engineered mind
and it is on the tip of the bitten tongue.
I am waiting to hear … I know they don’t like me — it is not fair —
inversion is a social injustice and corporations are moving away because America has
black leadership.

It is “not fair” that corporations are leaving America to avoid taxes.

The American people do not want me standing around twiddling my thumbs waiting
for congress to do something.

We will “scour our authorities” seeking opportunities to act wherever I have the
legal authorities to make progress.

We are “going to make sure” that every time we take one of these steps we are working
within the confines of executive power.

I never have a green light,I am bound by the constitution, I am bound
by the separation of powers.

“All political thinking for years past has been vitiated in the same way. people can foresee the future only when it coincides with their own wishes, and the most grossly obvious facts can be ignored when they are unwelcome.” – Eric Arthur Blair

Note: email recipients if you cannot view the below videos in your browser then click on the title at the top of the article and you will be redirected to the website.

Corporate Inversion

Oooops! — there it is.









Ethnocentric Diversity is Dividing the Nation

Ethnocentric Diversity is Dividing the Nation

Recently I ran across an online article about a California High School contemplating discontinuing a mandatory geography class and replacing it with a Latino diversity course. The justification was that the Latino students felt disadvantaged and needed to feel validated. The article stated that the school was 98% Hispanic. Where is the logic?

I could not verify the validity of the article. However, diversity classes are now the latest politically correct rage and are in vogue. I suspect that federal funding/grants have something to do with it.

The article was picked up by several online newspapers. It evidently pushed some buttons,so I decided to monitor the comments for sentiment analysis. Lots of divided opinionated people out there.

My commentary started out as a short response to one of the email comments and ended up being my post today.

 Unfortunately, European Americans are being marginalized.

A disconcerting reality — but the “markers” are everywhere.

Demographics and social engineering of the youth, by misguided Ideologues, will make this irreversible.
It appears, since 2008 the proliferation of ethnocentrism in the United States has increased exponentially.

It is subtly being reinforced for political and personal gain.
This is not in the best interest of America and her citizens.

Racial polarization in our multicultural society is increasing.
False narratives about social injustice is creating a nation of whining
finger pointers — their thinking being diverted away from self accountability,
critical reasoning and independent thought.

It did not have to be this way — self serving politicians and race baiters
made it so.

I have been traveling internationally for 50 years.
Exploring new countries and cultures is an education in itself — it gives
a person a different perspective on life.

I have always embraced multiculturalism as the path to move forward
towards a planetary civilization.

However ,there are those misguided souls around the globe that are preventing that from becoming a reality.

I was fortunate to grow up with the opportunity to have close friends of many different ethnic backgrounds,skin colors, cultures, and religions. I suspect, the youth of today will not be able to have that enlightening experience.

Taking away something as basic as a geography class from the academic curriculum and replacing it with a diversity course that may end up propagating resentment is a travesty.

We should be creating a generation of “world wise” patriotic individuals
instead of students being exposed to subtle hate doctrines.

Why do we need geography courses?
I travel to Europe two or three times a year.
In casual conversations in the U.S. I mention Switzerland or Sweden.
Many times the adults I am speaking with do not know where those countries are located.
Many think they are the same country.

The children today burdened with ethnic courses and common core education standards is blatant generational theft.

Canada is somewhere across the ocean and 2×2 =5 (That’s OK Johnny — you gave it a good try — you can advance to the next grade)

Oh well, I guess it doesn’t matter when you have a leader that thinks we have 57 states.

Nota bene
This is an email response to the article (Name withheld) — it sums it up in a concise humorous paragraph.

[“Diversity-anything” in academia is code for “resentment studies,” meaning it is all about “Hating YT” and blaming him, if you are a diversity, for every single problem you encounter in life. “Diversity-is-our-strength” has a food chain based of minorities (preferred citizens) that ranks citizens according to how bad YT screwed them. Right now, the gays are in first place, which angers the bitter blacks who feel they should always be in first place. Coming in third, but gaining influence, are the illegal Mexicans, which angers the angry women in the feminist movement, who believe they are the premier victim in America. Glad to add some clarity to things. ]


Monday Inspirational Quote – 04August2014

Start the week thinking

“It takes in reality only one to make a quarrel.

It is useless for the sheep to pass resolutions in favor of vegetarianism, while the wolf remains of a different opinion”. – William Ralph Inge