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July, 2014


Is the border crisis asymmetric warfare

The Southern Border Crisis – Asymmetric Warfare?

It appears reporters and congressional lawmakers have been
getting limited information on the scale of the border crisis and
what the implications are for the future of the U.S.

It is always a wise decision to look at all aspects of a situation before
formulating an opinion.

Many things are not what they appear or are purported to be.

Let us back off of the political bantering taking place in congress and give
the floor to a CBP Officer who had “boots on the ground” for 26 years.

Another point of view being thrown out there for you to take a look at.
You be the Judge.

I believe that suppositional reasoning is needed for a solution to the crisis.

Watch the video below.

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Short Synopsis 15 minutes

The CAW and participating AW units are ready, willing, and able.

Why doesn’t the CIC deploy them on the border to do what they are trained to do?

Monday Inspirational Quote – 28July2014

Start the week thinking

As a single footstep will not make a path on the earth, so a single thought will not make a pathway in the mind.

To make a deep physical path, we walk again and again.

To make a deep mental path, we must think over and over the kind of thoughts we wish to dominate our lives.
– Henry David Thoreau

Is America losing its’ Cognitive Faculties

The formulation of opinions based on independent thought.

Are we losing the ability to critically think?

Last night I made the mistake of spending too much time in front of the TV.

Watching our leaders being interviewed, the reporting of world affairs, narratives
being expressed by opposing sides, ideological bantering, and the ongoing chatter of
the multitude of scandals engulfing the U.S.

The watchdogs voice that bayed the whispering wind and the loud laugh that
spoke the vacant mind.

As I have said many times before, I think the problem is that the brain of the majority
of the Human Race is hard-wired ,at birth, for manipulation.

Thus, we have masses of “un-thinking followers” crawling over the globe like
diseased rats — looking for some charismatic leader,spreading false narratives,
to attach themselves to with cult like allegiance.

I have arrived at that conclusion by conversing with multitudes of individuals
over the past few decades — from the far left to the far right and points in-between
with various ideological viewpoints from around the globe.

I have never been able to grasp the concept that such a large percentage
of humanity would so easily surrender their mind to something that would promise them
a Utopian dreamland. Something that is clearly in their best interest to avoid.

You can spread out on the table dozens of indisputable factoids, that cannot
be challenged, and the cult followers will not only deny them as falsehoods
— but will express disdain that you presented the evidence.

That “conditioned response” is indicative of a closed mind with tunnel vision
that unknowingly has been socially engineered. Social contagion being
the etiological agent that aerobically infects the unsuspecting and vulnerable
weak minded masses.

Therein lies one of the major problems/obstacles when “advocating for the good of the people”.

I believe that critical/independent thinkers are becoming an extinct species.
The small percentage still in existence today is morphing into misanthropes
and they are seeking solitude and segregating themselves from the general populace and
its’ problems.

That is a tragic loss of “Human Capital”

Who is John Galt?



Are taxes driving corporations out of America?

U.S. Corporations seeking tax relief by leaving U.S.

A quick glance at the increased tax revenue from U.S. corporate taxes.

My understanding is that the White House projects 332.7 billion dollars from
corporate income taxes in 2014. (20% more than last year?)
And a projected 528 billion dollars in 2017.

Is this why we are starting to see U.S. companies relocating their
corporate headquarters out of America? (Inversion)

Most recently, Walgreen’s is considering Switzerland as a new home.

Halliburton must have gotten a heads up several years ago (2007) as they set
up shop in Dubai… No give-back to the U.S. even though they make billions off of
defense contracts ??

Also, I suspect that Corporate America is forecasting more government predatory
practices on their organizations — In the form of taxes and increased regulation.

I would venture to guess, that the elephant in the room being quietly discussed in boardrooms
across the nation is the fear of Nationalism. The Government taking over private Corporations.
(“You didn’t build that”)

My layman’s projection is — two possible scenarios.
(1.) Should they leave?
The CEO’s are starting to realize that the increased welfare state has progressed to the point of no return.
In the future the Government will have to generate trillions of more dollars in revenue to keep the nation afloat.

How do they accomplish that? — Does the government have to own and operate EVERYTHING ??
— we all know what kind of Government structure does that.

Will it be necessary for Government to levy much higher corporate and individual income taxes?

So, are the corporations going to look for strategies to save the continuity of their organizations
and leave the U.S.?

(2.) Should they stay?
There is the possibility that they could pay higher taxes and still increase profits while remaining private industries
in the U.S. — that would be to have a massive workforce getting minimum wages.

The uncontrolled influx of multi-millions of immigrants overloading the population base will supply that need.

This might encourage repatriation of U.S. manufacturing and foreign corporations relocating to the
U.S. — We will have an unlimited cheap labor force willing to work for minimum wages with no corporate benefits.

The Government will derive increased corporate tax revenue from this scenario.

The upper 1.0% climb to the upper 0.5%.

The two hypothetical scenarios above do not bode well for the soon to be extinct American Middle Class.

You will have to have exceptional entrepreneurial abilities to succeed in the newly transformed America.

A caveat to individuals.
We will still be tax targets — it might take the esoteric form of limitation and/or elimination
of tax deductions — this is already taking place.

No place to run and no place to hide as the U.S. claims taxing authority on American citizens
world wide.

Those astute High Wealth American Citizens that have the most to lose are concerned
about confiscation of wealth and are starting to give up their citizenship and leave the country.
(Sad but true — this has been increasing over the past few years).

The U.S. has changed tax regulations setting up barriers to exit and extending taxing authority
— alternate tax scheme for expatriated individuals.

They have lowered the de-minimus level to lower levels of personal wealth to include the lower
economic classes.

What does that signal?… more changes to come? … more stringent capital controls?

Monday Inspirational Quote – 21July2014

Start the week thinking

Character is not a thing of chance, but it is the result of continued effort.

“Hold in mind the condition desired; affirm it as an already existing fact. This indicates the value of a powerful affirmation. By constant repetition it becomes a part of ourselves. We are actually changing ourselves; we are making ourselves what we want to be.”
– Charles F. Haanel

The Education of Migrant Children

The Rand Corporation “Think Tankers” wrote a commentary on the future problem of integrating illegal Hispanics, aka migrants, into the educational system.

I used to rely on the Rand corporation for deep thinking research.
I am starting to question my opinion of them.
Their articles are starting to show indications of propagating political correct bias.

This educational problem, stated in the below commentary, is not only a future problem
——– it is an existing problem.

This article has a strong overtone that the solution is more privileged entitlements.
I have always considered affirmative action/privileged entitlement programs an
insult to the ethnic groups that benefit from the hand outs — and blatant discrimination
against European Americans.

These programs were created back in the 60’s for political purposes, propagandizing the false assumption that certain minority groups lack the intellect and abilities to compete in society.
Thus the bar was lowered and the dumbing down of America began.

There are those political elites among us that subtly insinuate that someone born into
poverty has lower intelligence and work ethics.
What nonsense – I am speaking with a layman’s voice of one that lived at the poverty level for
many years.

These government handouts, at taxpayer expense, have created a nation of
2nd, 3rd and 4th generation welfare slaves being harvested for votes.

Hispanics have always been respected for their strong family ties.
These programs are breaking down the family unit and destroying lives.

I cannot think of any better incentive to do better in life, than the desire to climb up and
improve your financial status.

A capitalistic free market place gives the citizen an opportunity to explore his/her potential.

The authors closing sentence sums it up:
[To best respond to this reality, policymakers and educators will need to consider existing research to determine the best course of action.]

Meaning what? — that after all these years America cannot come up with a workable solution?
I suspect that the major problem with moving forward is ethnocentrism.
The solution is not throwing billions of more taxpayer dollars on programs that perpetuate the problem.

I can come up with a solution right now.
It will take several years — a period of adjustment — to show the results of the implementation
of my suggestion — and it will ruffle quite few feathers.

However, so be it.
Let’s face the facts.
We are already a bilingual society.
Spanish speaking citizens will increase dramatically in the next decade.
This will be accomplished not only by increased immigration — but by an increase in family demographics.

We need to address this reality and start mandatory English/Spanish language classes at
the first grade level.

This will take care of the future language divide and once that is accomplished then we start to see progress.

We will need a transitional period.
The immediate solution of the Spanish speaking population is to enroll them in
academic curriculum that is given in their native language with English as a second language
being mandatory.

They can progress through the educational program while acquiring competency in the English language.

This will prevent the drag on the English only educational system.

When they are thrown into English only classrooms it diverts teachers away from being educators into social workers.

Spanish as a second language will be mandatory in the English speaking educational system.

We need to ensure that the multicultural youth of our nation gets the best education possible.

Remove the stumbling block of language barriers.

I surmise, at the end of the day, this would be a more cost effective solution — a directional start–
instead of perpetuating a floundering education system.

Many nations flourish with multi-language cultures.
Switzerland is an example — German, French, Italian speaking cantons.

After the immediate problems have been solved then ,in the future, we could gravitate towards
a more cohesive system.

“The journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step”

Read the Rand commentary…..

Bus Loads of Illegals being dumped into American communities

The United States is being overwhelmed by the influx of illegal aliens.

You can call this dilemma anything that you want — crisis,situation,humanitarian opportunity,etc.

You can describe it as — complicated,conspiratorial, a political strategy, an invasion,etc.

However, the factoid is — that it is reality and it is happening now.

Bus loads of illegals being covertly shuttled from the southern border into the interior
of the United States and released on city streets. I wonder if they were issued EBT cards?
It is playing out like a Tom Clancy novel.

There has been so many debates over this crisis and other national scandals that
alot of the population is becoming immune to the wave after wave of controversies
engulfing America.

American citizens, you are stakeholders in this nation and you cannot afford to have a collective disinterest.

To disseminate some information on the resettlement of refugees in the United States, I refer
you to the below articles by the Refugee Settlement Watch. They have been reporting on the
subject for seven years. You should spend time on their site and read some of the archived articles.
It might give you a different perspective on “the how and why” of this dilemma.

Take note of the billions of taxpayer dollars being spent on refugee programs.

Refugee Settlement Fact Sheet

Scroll down and read the articles

Cities protesting against illegal immigration.
Weekend protests around the nation – July 18-19

New TSA Security Procedures

George’s Travel Tidbits

Hot off  the Press

New TSA Security Checks.

If you are departing from an overseas airport make sure that your electronic devices are charged up. Electronic devices are already screened daily, but now, security officers might ask that you power up your devices, including cell phones. Powerless devices will not be permitted onboard the aircraft, so it’s important to have them charged prior to going through security.