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May, 2014


Transportation Security Administration — Friend or Foe

George’s Travel Tidbits – TSA

The Transportation Security Administration(TSA) gets a lot of negative press.
However, the TSA was created for a specific reason… transportation security of
passengers and cargo.

Many people feel inconvenienced by the security procedures at our Airports.
However, we should keep in mind why they were created and what protection that they provide.

Something to think about next time you get irritated with a TSA Officer.
You could be sitting next to a passenger holding a Hot MK2 Grenade on his lap.

The below TSA Blog outlines what they discovered and confiscated in just the past week.

Dubai – Futuristic City in the Desert

George’s Travel Tidbits – Dubai

Dubai, U.A.E

Dubai is a futuristic city in the Middle East and is part of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). It is a developing metropolis built upon desert sands. Dubai has become a cultural center in the Persian Gulf Region. It is a major transportation hub for passengers and cargo. In addition it has established Industries in logistics,Financial Services, Real Estate, and Tourism.

My first impression of Dubai was how clean and well planned the city is. They have established mini-cities, adjacent to each other, that are industry focused and connected by an efficiently ran computerized metro system. Air Cargo City, Internet City, Education City, Finance city, etc.

I stayed in an apartment at Internet City which was a short walk to the metro. Once on the metro you have easy access to this cosmopolitan city and all it has to offer.

Take note … one cabin on the metro is for women and children only… men do not enter or you will be escorted off by security officers.

Sights to see are many — they are best outlined in the Dubai Department of Tourism website below.

Navigate through the website for items of interest. Definitely Dubai

The Burj Al Arab is a Hotel for the uber-rich, it is worth seeing. The guests are picked up at the airport in a white Rolls Royce or helicopter. The average cost of a room is $7,000 per night. At night the Skybar has a panoramic view of the Dubai Skyline… You will need reservations.

The Dubai Mall is gigantic and you can easily get disoriented. Many U.S. major retailers are represented in the mall. You can entertain yourself by visiting the aquarium or by hitting the slopes of the interior snow ski resort. Yes, snow skiing in the desert.

Take an exhilarating ride up the elevator to the viewing area in the worlds tallest building — the Burj Khalifa — reservations are a must.

Outside the main building of the Dubai Mall there are some trendy restaurants that overlook the Burj Dubai fountain show, which is similar to the one in the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas. Dubai is a sister city to Las Vegas.

Burj Dubai Fountain Show… a beautiful video posted to Youtube by zangaramia

The man-made Dubai Marina should be on your list of things to see. Plus — Wild Wadi Park, Dubai Creek, Dubai Museum, Palm Jumeirah, Jumeirah Beach, Saeed Maktoum House, Dubai Zoo, Dubai Waterfront, Arabian Canal, take a Dhow Cruise………..




Burj Al Arab Hotel


Painting in a Cafe


Dubai Aquarium


Statue outside Dubai Mall


Looking Down from the Burj Khalifa Building


Water Fountain inside of Dubai Mall


Burj Dubai Fountain Show


Burj Dubai Fountain Show


Inside of the Burj Al Arab Hotel


Dubai Marina


Dubai Marina


Al Qasr Hotel at Jumeirah


Al Qasr Hotel at Jumeirah



Burj Khalifa Building




Indoor skiing inside of the Dubai Mall

Corsica, France – Island in the Mediterranean

George’s Travel Tidbits



Corsica is a French island in the Mediterranean Sea. It is located west of Italy, southeast of the French mainland, and north of the Italian island of Sardinia. Mountains make up two-thirds of the island, forming a single chain.



This trip we flew into the Ajaccio airport
We stayed the first few days in the town of Ajaccio.
Then drove by car over the picturesque narrow, high mountain road to Calvi on the
northwest of the island for our planned stay there.

On our return we took a thrilling, edge of the mountain, train ride back to Ajaccio and stayed a few more days before departing to Geneva.

Both Ajaccio and Calvi are walkable towns with good public transportation.
There are a lot of things to see and do.
Napoleon’s childhood home in Ajaccio and should be visited.
Very nice beaches and with panoramic mountain views.

You can take public transportation and explore the little beach coves on the outskirts of the city.

There are many places to enjoy fine dining.
In Ajaccio there is a small boat marina located at the east end of the city
called Admiralty.

Don’t miss evening at the marina … It can be easily overlooked when you are touring the local sites.
It has a row of upscale bars and restaurants.
It is a great place to end the day … Enjoy terrific french cuisine while listening to music and watching the sunset.

The Island has lots of History – During WWII the U.S. troops called the Island
USS Nimitz as there were so many U.S. Airbases on the Island.
They used it as a base to fly combat missions to Italy.
Many young Americans did not return.




Evening Dining at the Admiralty Marina in Ajaccio



Small Cove outside of Ajaccio

Small Cove outside of Ajaccio




Calvi Waterfront




Ferry from Nice, France to Sardinia and Corsica




The Citadel of Calvi Home of the 2nd Foreign Parachute Regiment of The French Foreign Legion




Marketplace in Ajaccio



2013-09-27 12.11.59

View from road to Calvi



2013-09-27 12.11.17

looking down from road to Calvi



2013-09-28 13.00.45

Beach in Calvi with the Town Skyline in the distance



2013-09-28 11.46.26

Beach in Calvi



2013-09-28 11.14.09

French Foreign Legion paying Tribute to their old Veterans



Ajaccio coastline

Ajaccio Beach



One of Corsica's Natural Resources

One of Corsica’s Natural Resources